9 Amazing Ideas Of Children’s Cabins To Surprise Them

The children’s cabin or teepee is make-believe where anything can happen. That little fabric-covered space can be a warrior’s stronghold, a princess’s castle, or the perfect hiding place against an alien attack. 

In addition to contributing to children’s creativity and imagination, the children’s cabin is still successful for being a beautiful complement in the decoration of the rooms. 

It is no wonder that for some time now this type of cabin has gained superstar status in decoration, being one of the main references of images on social networks, such as Pinterest and Instagram. 

Why your child should have a children’s cabin

Because she is playful 

Play, creativity, and play are fundamental parts of any child’s healthy development. And the kids’ cabin is a great place to vent all that creative energy. In this space, the child can feel free and safe to create a universe of stories and games.

Because she’s multipurpose

The children’s hut doesn’t just serve as a guiding thread for the games. The space can still be used by the child as a reading corner or for a nap during the day.

Because it can be fully customized

The children’s cabin is very simple to make (as you will see below) and, as if that weren’t enough, it can still be completely customized the way the child prefers. Just a few props and you’re done. The cabin transforms as if by magic.

Because she completes the decoration

There is no denying that the children’s cabin has the potential to make the decoration of the children’s room more beautiful, cozy, and charming. 

It’s just important to be careful that it doesn’t interfere with circulation. Otherwise, just enjoy what this beauty has to offer. 

How to decorate the children’s cabin: ideas and tips

Once ready, the children’s cabin can and should be “improved” with a decoration that is, at the same time, beautiful, comfortable, and functional for the child. See the tips:

Use mats

To leave the cabin protected against the cold floor and, at the same time, more comfortable, it is important to cover it with a rug. If you don’t have one the exact size of the cabin, use two or more overlapping. The important thing is that they are there.

Place pillows and futons

A cabin without a pillow is not enough. These elements are essential to ensure the comfort that children need. Spread pillows or futons on the rug and the cabin will look different.

Light up

It is very common to see little children’s huts decorated with flashing lights. But you have to be careful with this kind of lighting. Keep cords a safe distance from children so they cannot handle or tangle themselves during play. It is also important to keep sockets and power plugs well protected and away from children. Remember: safety always comes first.

Bet on accessories that bring personality

The icing on the cake is the accessories that can be placed in the cabin at the end of the assembly. You can choose together with the child the elements that they most identify with. 

They can be flowers hanging outside, for example, or little flags at the entrance to the cabin. It is still possible to paste stickers of the characters that the child likes the most or suggest a creative and original painting. Use your creativity and turn this place into the perfect refuge for the kids.

Here we have 9 ideas to test and play with children, check them out:












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