8 Ideas and Tips for Making the Right Choice When Choosing for Office Chair

A corporate project or home office must meet many details – both aesthetics, ergonomics, comfort and lighting. Therefore an important item that should be taken into consideration is the chair, after all it is where the professional will spend much of the day to perform their activities.At the time of purchase, it is ideal for a professional to be present to assist the buyer in finding the ideal product that fits his budget and fits the project.

You should study the models, finishes and the different systems that the chairs have. This is a key part of making the right choice. If you need to, visit specialty stores and try the chairs. 

Types of office and commercial chairs

Long chair

Also known as a stringer – these are the chairs joined one by one, forming one piece. Usually comes in modules with a minimum of 3 seats, where it can be distributed according to the size of the space. It is very common to find in office receptions, public offices, theaters, airports and other places.

Design chair

With the signed design and therefore differentiated, these are preferred for those who want to decorate the environment. They can be placed at the front desk, in the president’s or director’s office as a highlight or in corporate projects in decompression areas.

Office chair

It is the simplest chair in the organizational sector of a company. It should have a height adjustment, caster system for easy walking and armrest.

Executive chair

It is the traditional office chair that has the same features as the desk chair, but with a more sophisticated design and more features. It must respect the order of magnitude of each employee, either by color or by backrest height.

Chair chair

It is the most ergonomic chair to close this organizational cycle. It is intended for extended use, so it offers several optional mechanisms for every user’s taste. Their design is so imposing that one of the most noticeable features of these chairs is their highest back, as they represent the importance of those who use them.

Since now everything is clear when it comes to types of chairs, it’s much easier to know which one is specially for your office spot! We have separated some corporate environments where the chair influences the decoration!

1. Chairs for Clinics and Offices

2. Management and Board Environments

3. For Everyday Computer Users

4. For Carpeted or Carpeted Floors,Type H hard Caster

5. Chairs for Meeting Room

6. High Chairs

7. Chair Model in Fabric and Metal Frame

8. Ergonomic Techniques for a Home Office


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