8 Decorating Tips to Make Your Apartment Feel More Spacious

These days, especially in the biggest and most expensive cities, it is very common to live an apartment that does not exactly boast a high amount of square footage. While this can be challenging, it is not the end of the world. There are many organizational tip and tricks that you can implement to your apartment to make it feel much more spacious. The Connor Group has put together eight simple tips to help make your apartment feel more comfortable and truly become home.

Use Multifunctional Furniture

Placing multifunctional furniture in your apartment is a great way to save space. Furniture pieces such as trunks or ottomans that can also serve as coffee tables are a great example of this type of furniture. Furniture that can be used as storage will help create space as well as prevent clutter.

Add Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the easiest and most common ways to make a small room look larger. This is a great way to get creative and to find mirrors that fit the mood in the various rooms in your apartment. A current trend is to hang multiple long, skinny mirrors on a single wall.

Avoid Window Treatments

While you may feel the need to have curtains and window treatments in your apartment, if possible, avoid doing so in a few rooms such as the kitchen and living room. Window treatments can ultimately shrink the room. Creating an open, bright space that allows sunlight to shine is a great way to enlarge any room.

Use Light Paint Colors

Dark paint colors on your apartment walls are another culprit of shrinking the room size. Lights colors such as whites, beiges, and off-whites will do just the opposite. Go for lighter paint colors on all of your walls, they will make the walls appear farther back than they really are.

Purchase Area Rugs

Area rugs that are smaller than the perimeter of your furniture will also help create an illusion of a larger room. Place the rug at the edge of your sofa and your apartment will quickly feel more spacious.

Utilize Wall Storage Space

Wall cabinets are a great way to create room for more storage in your apartment. There are many beautiful types of cabinets to choose from. This can become a great place to display photographs, use as a bookshelf, and place other various knick-knacks. This will also assist you from avoiding major clutter and disorganization.

Choose Furniture With Thin Legs

Modern, sleek furniture with thin legs can also save a lot of space in your apartment. Go for chairs and coffee tables with thin legs rather than pieces with thick legs or that sit directly on the floor. This will prevent your apartment from looking overcrowded and add some additional space.

Avoid Too Much Artwork

While artwork is an important and effective way to set the tone of any room and to make it feel like home, do your best to avoid overcrowding your walls with artwork. Instead of using multiple small pieces, opt for one or two larger pieces. These large pieces will likely do a very good job at creating a vibe in the room.
While your apartment may lack in square footage, this does not mean it has to also lack in style and beauty. There are many stylistic choices that you can make in order to help make your apartment look larger than the dimensions read. Go for a few of the mentioned tips and you will immediately notice a big difference.


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