7 Tips On How to Light Your Home the Right Way According To Bellacor

Lighting has a huge impact on the mood and ambiance of your home. If you get it right, the whole look of your home will improve. Considering that each area of your home has a personality of its own and deserve customized lighting, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind when it comes to creating a well-lit home.

Here are 7 tips on how to light your home according to Bellacor

  • Have With The Living Room Lighting

The living room is always considered as the center of the family entertainment, and this why it is advisable to have fun with its lighting system. However, the living room is also the spot where you will entertain your guests, so you need to strike a balance.

Generally, there are three types of lights that are recommended for a living room: task, accent, and ambient. However, you are free to play fast and loose with everything. In fact, successful lighting design for the living room combines different sources at varying levels of the room. For a flexible space, strive to add diverse layers of light that you can use separately.

  • Keep Your Bedroom Stress-Free

Being a place where you rest and recharge your energy, your bedroom should be a completely stress-free zone. Accordingly, you should have lighting done subtly—warm light sources should be placed at the right spaces to create a peaceful and romantic environment.

Besides the traditional ceiling lights, opt for a couple of night table lamps. They are very practical—we can all relate to that awful moment when you have to get out of your comfy bed to turn off the main light source before bed. Having a lamp beside your bed is a simple solution.

  • Make Your Bathroom Brighter

Being a space where you and your family do their basic hygiene routines such as shaving, applying makeup, and hairstyling among others, the room should be brighter. Besides the main ceiling lights, consider surrounding your bathroom mirror with vanity lamps. This way, you will have the opportunity to turn them off and on whenever necessary—for instance, when taking a long bath.

  • Know you Ceiling Height

Being aware of your ceiling height can help you chose the right hanging light fixtures. While some hanging fixtures feature adjustable cables and rods, others don’t. If you choose blindly, you may end up with lights that hang too high or too low. As a rule of thumb, for a standard 8-foot ceiling, the bottom of your lights should hang at approximately 12 to 20 inches. Add 3 inches for an extra foot of ceiling height.

  • Don’t Forget The Stairs

Lighting your stair risers is very beneficial considering that it can be hazardous to negotiate the stairs at night. Remember that staircases are enclosed, so strive to light them from the sides. Alternatively, you can embed lights on the risers to create a unique design element.

  • Be Decorative 

To help you set a good mood in your home, you can add lights as decorative elements. After you have installed your general lighting system, you can use a few lights (instead of wall arts) as a way to provide ambient lighting.

  • Keep Your Lighting Colors The Same

People often wonder whether all bulbs give off white light. Well, not necessarily. Different bulbs will give varying shades of white light across a given spectrum—typically from white yellow to bluish white. When choosing bulbs, check their Kelvin Color Temperatures and select bulbs with the same ratings.

Being busy with other life endeavors may not leave you with enough room for you to think about lighting your home the right way or to simply find the best way to improve it. Hopefully, the above tips have drawn your attention to it. It doesn’t have to be expensive—there are a number of fixtures that you can install yourself without spending on an expert. You can also take advantage of Bellacor coupon and get to save a lot of cash on a wide range of lighting fixtures.


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