7 Ideas for Outdoor Furniture

This time, we won’t be shedding our words way to much and will let you enjoy the garden view, which might be your garden view after seeing it. We have our fingers crossed on you deciding which one fits your style.

Patio Living

Photo Credit | Caitlin Atkinson

Here you can see how a bright green bistro pops right against a metal wall painted barn-red. You can turn any patio into a lush oasis by potting plants and a vertical succulent garden.

Urban Jungle

Photo Credit | Thomas J. Story

Turning your backyard into a private retreat doesn’t look impossible anymore. You can do it by adding tiers of greenery, like palm grass (Setaria palmifolia) that will provide a different screening and will bring the feeling of the tropics into your garden. And the set of bright blue chairs is just another reason along with the outdoor fireplace to make you stay outside past dusk.

Hot Seat

Photo Credit | Thomas J. Story

There is a secret to this russet-colored bench you see. And we will reveal it for you! The cast stone material is wired with energy-efficient heating which can provide a pool of warm on a chilly evening. Or just be cranked up to surprise unsuspecting guests like this one on the photo. Unsuspected? Well, we’ll think about that since we love our animals.

Keep It Organic

Photo Credit | Thomas J. Story

Reclaimed wood can be the perfect material to build a bean-shaped chair like this one. In a woodland garden this chair look right at home with all the ferns and native salvia. It gives a form of graceful, organic curve and definitely created a comfortable backseat.

AlfrescoΒ Elegance

Photo Credit | Trina Roberts

This marble-topped outdoor dining table sets the tone for elegance when it comes to outdoor eating. If you want to keep the arrangement relaxed then try to mix white stacking chairs and a cushion-topped metal bench .

Decked Out

Photo Credit | Caitlin Atkinson

If you want to reach the ‘living room out of doors’ type a backyard then plush furniture covered in durable outdoor fabrics. Problem solved!

Boxed In

Photo Credit | Thomas J. Story

These to functions as an outdoor sitting for two. The woven club chairs have thick cushions and are perfect for leaning back to watch the sunset. The clean lines also match the modern furnishings indoors. That’s something you can notice right away, so keep it in your mind.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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