7 Home Elements That Will Improve Your Quality Of Life

Does the home that you are currently living in improve your quality of life? Well, it should, and if that isn’t the case, it may be time to consider the elements within it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to knock it all down and start again, or even move. In fact, there are plenty of things that you can modify or install that will raise the quality of the life you can experience in your property. Just read on to find out what they are.

Picture windows

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A building that has small or narrow windows is probably not the best place to live. This is because of two reasons, the first being that such windows will let in very little light from the outside. The second is that smaller windows also block the views from outside, something that can make a home seem much more expansive, and if they are done well, even like it fits into the vistas around it perfectly.

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Luckily, a home with small windows is an issue that can be fixed. In fact, all it takes is to install some picture windows. These being large slabs of glass that not only let in plenty of light but help to blend the inside of the home to its outside surrounding as well.

Of course, before you choose to do significant building work on your home to install such windows, it is wise to consider where they need to be placed. Ideally, this will be where the view is most picturesque, and also where you don’t encounter any problems with your own privacy, or where you are overlooking the private space of others.

A security system

Another element that can vastly improve the quality of life of those living in a building is a security system. This is because it provides a background peace of mind for the residents that allows them to relax to a much greater extent. Of course, as home are not only places in which we sleep and eat but also buildings that act as a retreat from the bustle and danger of the outside world, this is pretty important for a good quality of life.

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Happily, many homes are being built with security in mind from the very outset, and even those properties that aren’t can be transformed into a safe haven for you and your family.

Of course, the best type of security system is one that treads the thin line between being intrusive to the life of the family that lives there but is also viable enough to act as a deterrent. After all, just the idea of being caught on CCTV is enough to dissuade most would be criminals before they have even entered your property.

Smart lighting

Every home needs light to be a functional living space. In fact, as the way we have been able to access light in the home has changed over the years from open flames to gas, to early electric lights to LED bulbs, our quality of life has also improved.

Smart lighting, the next stage of this cycle, is set to have a similar enhancing effect on our lives as well. The reason being that not only can we better control the energy that we use in lighting the home, but we can also personalize it down to each individual bulb.

What this means is that it is incredibly easy to control and monitor the lighting you have in your home from one single hub. Something that means you can have low light for relaxing, brighter light for getting up in the morning, and even corresponding lights for when you are listening to music and watching films, which will further enhance the experience and the lives of those living there.

Temperature controls

A much-ignored aspect of home design that is essential to a good quality of life is the ability for the residents to control its temperature quickly and easily. In fact, you could have the most beautifully designed building to live in, but if it’s boiling hot or freezing cold, it will still be a miserable place in which to reside.

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Happily, many home elements can be installed to prevent this from ever becoming a problem. In fact, sometimes, the actual structural design of the home itself can even have a positive effect. For example when it is built to face a certain way, so it avoids the blazing midday sun, or solar film is installed on the picture windows allowing the family to look out while keeping the temperature comfortable, despite all that glass.

Another useful home element when it comes to temperature control is making sure that you installed air conditioning (HVAC) in every room. Then the temperature in each space can be controlled independently, allowing those that live there greater freedom in how hot or cool they keep their own areas.

Of course, it is possible to install HVAC after a property has been constructed, although many buildings now have integrated systems built in during contraction as well. Just remember that no matter when your air con was put in, it’s crucial that you keep up with HVAC repair and maintenance, especially before the hot weather in summer hits. Otherwise, you could end up having a system that you cannot use and that won’t do much to boost the quality of life of anyone living in your property.

Accessible outdoor spaces

Another crucial home element that is guaranteed to improve the quality of life if your family is to not only have outdoor spaces but ones that are easily accessible. Of course, in an ideal world, this means extended the flow out of each inside room into an outdoor space that can be used in a similar fashion.

However, homes with the space and design features that will allow such a set up are often at the higher end of the price spectrum and so are prohibitively expensive for many of us. All is not lost here, however, because it is still possible to have easily accessible outdoor spaces even in a traditional home layout by focusing in your backyard.

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In fact, with just a little work and the installation of some French or bifold doors, you can create an outdoor room that encourages the whole family to live a more alfresco life. You can even furnish this space with comfortable padded chairs, tables, and even a fire pit for colder nights, meaning that not only will it be easy to use and get to, but that you can get as much use out of it as possible no matter what the weather is doing. Something that can actually revolutionize the life of the family that is living in the space.

Access to renewable energy

Something else that can really make a big difference to your quality of life when living in a property is knowing that your energy has come from clean and renewable sources. In fact, this is an issue that goes well beyond the peace of mind of individual families, but that actually affects us all.

To that end, it is essential to either purchase a property that has the ability to generate its own renewable energy already designed into it or to install methods after the fact. One of the most popular of these is solar energy, because not only can it be used to generate heat and light, but nearly all types of property will have walls or roofs that are exposed to the sun. Something that makes solar energy a viable option for many households.

Of course, solar isn’t the only option to consider. In fact, many homes are also being constructed over or near to sites which are rich in thermal energy. Something that can be tapped to run all the devices needed for everyday life.

The other great thing about having a home that is equipped to produce its own energy is that by hooking it up to the grid, you can sell any excess that isn’t needed. Something that provides families with low-cost electricity, or an additional income, both of which can absolutely help to improve the lives of people living there.

Movable storage

Even though there is a big trend toward minimalism right now, as a human being, we always have at least some possessions that we will need to store. To the end, a home element that can make all the difference to your quality of life is having enough storage to be able to manage your items as well as access them easily when you need them.

Now, super smart architects and designer are starting to realize this and create homes where storage is an integral part of the design. Even making it so that it can be removed and changed along with the needs of the residents.

It is, of course, also possible to install additional storage for this purpose as well. Although, it is always up to the individuals that live in the home to ensure they keep on top of any unnecessary clutter, so their entire living space does not become overrun with items or storage of those items. Something that can, if out of control, negatively impact the quality of life of those living in a residence.


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