7 Energy and Water Saving Gadgets for Your Home

You can make your home better for the environment and your pocket by installing gadgets that help you save water and energy. There are plenty of these devices out there today, and there is no reason you should not try them out. Here are seven gadgets that can make a huge difference if you want to save water and energy within your home.

1. Solar Water Heaters

Many people are fed up with the increasing power costs and fuel shortages, especially when this causes huge disruptions to their hot water supply. This is a problem that can be resolved with the help of a solar water heater that relies on renewable energy. This system can meet 100 percent of your water heating needs. The only gripes people have with this system is the high initial cost. Otherwise, once it is up and running, it is truly a one-of-a-kind water heating system; and the cost-saving benefits will be apparent as time goes by. The system results in up to an 80 percent decrease in water heating costs.

2. A Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are very handy gadgets for the modern home. They pose fewer health hazards than tank-based water heaters, and they use a lot less power in comparison as they heat water on demand. Traditional water heaters consume power round the clock since the water in the tank has to be kept hot. Other benefits of using tankless water heaters include the fact that you can get an endless supply of hot water. Getting your hands on the very best tankless water heater also means benefiting from lower maintenance costs and a considerably longer life of service in comparison to traditional water heaters.

3. Droplet Sprinklers

The Droplet sprinkler has the latest technology within it. This includes artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and it can connect to devices such as smartphones. This great sprinkler can use ten percent less water, and that should translate into about $250 in dollar savings a year. Obviously, this is a huge advantage as it represents thousands of gallons of water saved every year, which is great for the environment.

4. Air Source Heat Pump

These gadgets also go by the name reverse-cycle air conditioners. They transfer heat from inside the house to the outside or even from the outside to the inside. They work even in freezing temperatures, as they have a technology that makes them generate heat out of thin air by a concept called vapor compression refrigeration. The heat they generate can be as high as 60 degrees Celsius, which can be used to heat anything from water, radiators, and even floors. These systems also have the advantage of not having any emissions. They are pretty quiet and cost-effective as well.

5. Toto Washlet Toilet

Toilets consume a lot of water, and this has been a concern for many years. But the Toto Washlet Toilet is out to change all this through its dual flashing system which helps save water a big deal. This toilet is also pretty high-tech, as it has a warm water nozzle with a pulsing and oscillating mode. The toilet seat is also heated, and it flushes automatically.

6. Laundry POD

Although this system is seemingly low-tech, it can save you plenty of money, space, and even energy. This is a portable laundry washer that uses water detergent and a crank that you turn as you would an ice cream maker. The system uses 20 percent less detergent, and the fact that it does not need any power is a huge plus as well.

7. Infrared Heating Panels

Today, you can heat your home using infrared heating panels. These advanced systems can change electromagnetic radiation, or infrared rays, into heat. This radiation heats whatever object it lands on, regardless of how cold the air temperature is. One benefit of this heating system is that it does not disrupt the dust in the house, which can bring about respiratory issues. They can also be used as mirrors, and they can save up to seventy percent in power usage when compared to traditional heating systems.


Life keeps getting easier for those who can pay attention to modern technological innovations. The above gadgets, for instance, can make your home more energy efficient, eco-friendly, and less expensive to maintain.


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