6 Top Furniture And Accessories To Turn The Terrace Into the New Living Room Of Your Home

How eager we were to enjoy our terraces. Surely, you have been conditioning it little by little to have it ready and get the most out of it now that the good weather arrives.

But once you have the main thing, it is time to start taking care of those little details that will make our terrace much more comfortable, turning it into an extension of our living room.

A rug to give comfort

If you prefer a rug with rounded shapes, this model may suit you. It is an eco-friendly item, 100% PET, made with recycled plastic from bottles recovered from the ocean.

A brazier

There is nothing like the comfort of a flame. And if in addition to being a decorative element, it serves as a source of heat for those nights when it cools, what more could you ask for?

A portable lamp (with battery)

To give light to our outdoor areas, nothing better than betting on a portable lamp with a battery, that we can leave on the ground, or rest on a table. This lamp model is a table globe in XL size and gives a soft light ideal to create a warm atmosphere.

A pretty garland

To give atmosphere to a terrace, nothing better than installing a garland of led lights. Of course, nothing like a normal garland, we are going to put a beautiful garland with tropical air like this one

Summer tableware

To enjoy it to the fullest, we also need to choose beautiful tableware, either for lunch, a mid-afternoon snack, or for dinner. And melamine tableware is the solution to avoid accidents.

A planter made of natural fibers

If you are going to put flowers and plants, choose different pots to make a difference. This planter is from Kave Home and has been made with natural fibers (specifically hand-braided water hyacinth and solid acacia wood legs).

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