6 Pro Tips for Maintaining Your Plaster

Fitting your home with plaster walls is an ideal choice. It gives your building aesthetic looks and design and allows effective painting. However, plaster can get damaged and wear out over time. But with the proper maintenance tips, your plaster wall will last longer.

Here are tips for maintaining a plaster

1. Tackle repairs carefully

If you notice cracks in your plaster walls, you must repair them promptly. Repairing it is essential because plaster is fragile, meaning small cracks can quickly turn into large ones due to building vibration or other factors such as road construction or other local construction.

If the cracks get more extensive, you will have a much harder time trying to fix them, and you’ll need the services of professionals. Though the professionals will be flawless, more significant cracks will cost you more. Fortunately, Plaster Repair Toronto professionals are relatively cheap and with professional expertise.

2. Treat the plaster wall with care

A plaster requires brightening up once in a while. You can eliminate build-up stains and give your home a classy ambiance. However, exercise caution when cleaning your plaster. That’s because plaster walls can be delicate and destroyed if you don’t care about them while cleaning.

You can do that by avoiding chemicals and abrasive cleaners. Instead, go for gentle, natural cleaners like baking soda. Also, regularly dust and vacuum the plaster. Treating it with care allows the plaster to maintain its distinctive look for much longer.

3. Dry the plaster walls

If the plaster wall is damp, it will likely develop mold and mildew. These will make your walls lose their looks and functionality. You can avoid it by drying the walls thoroughly after cleaning or water exposure.

Additionally, try to keep the humidity in your home moderate. That is vital because more moisture can encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

4. Install protective features

Minor disturbances in your house or office can ruin the plaster. For instance, a doorknob that bangs into your wall will damage the area it hits and the surrounding application. So ensure that your doors are equipped with sturdy doorstops and other features to prevent further damage to your plaster.

5. Dust the walls before cleaning

Before you begin cleaning, start by dusting it from top to down. You can use a broom to get all the top molding and remove cobwebs. Or a new paintbrush or microfiber clothes for dusting the wall corners. But if your walls are highly dusty, you can use a vacuum with its brush attachment.

6. Work on stubborn stains

Work on stubborn stains after washing the wall. Save time and energy by having a cleaning solution to eliminate the stains. If the technique fails, apply paint or repair the plaster for a more appealing look.

Dusting before cleaning and working on stubborn stains will keep your plaster clean and good-looking. Also, it will help you identify signs that your plaster needs repair or upgrade promptly.


Plaster wall is a popular choice among homeowners and builders. That’s due to its durability, luxurious appearance, and solid strength. However, you need to take care of the plaster for it to serve you well and for a more extended period. The above tips will help you maintain your plaster effectively.


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