5 Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

Yeah, you officially made it! Making to college and dormitory are sufficient achievements by themselves, but now another challenge awaits. Have you ever considered something inspirational and aesthetically appealing to transform your entire student experience? Decorating your student room stands as one of the most troublesome challenges. Don’t you want to make your stay in the dorm productive and pleasant to stay? If yes, read on to get acquainted with the five most significant decoration decisions from Essay Bulls to pay attention to in your student room.

1. Lightning

Trust us; nothing will make your stay in the dorm more comfortable and enjoyable than suitable lightning. If you are a real fan of studying in a cozy home atmosphere of your new accommodation, be prepared to fix that annoying 40-watt overhead bulb.

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            Not only this step will ensure a suitable atmosphere for your studies, but also eliminate all those annoying emotions generated by insufficient lighting. Speaking of the ways on how to make your student room a decent place to stay, consider using various illumination tools. If you lack a decent wall lamp, don’t be too lazy to go and get one.

In case you have that terrible 40-watt bulb, visit the nearby store and purchase some decent ceiling lamps to ensure your comfort. Working sitting at the table all the time? Don’t you dare to forget about making a good investment in a reading light at your desk!

Our common precaution is to decorate your room lightening wisely in order not to make it an illuminating and annoyingly distracting space. So, listen to your mind while adjusting the room lightening to your demands and preferences. Let all those tools enlighten your education and leisure. Literally.

2. Furniture


Most of the freshmen are too obsessed with making their rooms filled with countless furniture elements. Our recommendation is to think about furniture elements meaningfully, but not quantitatively. Everything you are most likely to need for daily use is a bed, a chair, and a few shelves. These elements are essential for satisfying your regular needs in terms of leisure and education.


Be sure to rearrange furniture that was pre-installed to create more free space. If you feel that your bed or table is too wacky to live with for a few years, go ahead and make your dorm unique by purchasing your pieces of furniture.

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            Space Allocation

What we genuinely recommend is to separate your bed from your table by using the wardrobe. Distinguishing your sleeping and office dimensions might be decisive for making your stay relaxing and proactive at the same time. Even if you feel too obsessed to manage the interior of the room by yourself, don’t be ashamed to get guidance on the trendy interiors that suit best for your room.

            Notice Board

Getting your dorm room means numerous opportunities for self-realization, accompanied by the bravest design ideas. As you’ve probably noticed, your dorm room is somewhat limited, so that your ideas and suggestions should be better written somewhere. Getting yourself a miniature notice board by hanging it on the wall might be a decent option to meet all those countless deadlines.

3. Store Your Belongings

Most likely, you were provided with those massive wardrobes that take too much space of your already limited space. If you’re allowed to remove it, kindly consider this option to make your dorm room more spacey.

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            Instead of that 2-meter wardrobe, you might store some boxes and containers under your bed to deal with dozens of textbooks and study-related materials. To cope with your cloth, purchasing an open closet cloth shelf is an amusing choice. Not only you’ll transform your room into a piece of minimalist art, but also free much space to use it meaningfully.

So, don’t be too obsessed with all those clothes and other personal belongings; just make your storage more minimalistic. We bet that you won’t regret this decision. Nobody did.

4. Walls and Windows


We’ve already mentioned that wall-hanging notice board for you to decorate your wall. Not only this piece of furniture would decorate your student room, but also other various hangings. These pieces commonly include your beloved posters, pinboards, fresh wallpapers, study materials, and anything that comes to your mind. If you feel that you have too many belongings, hang some shelves for you to allocate your dorm space elegantly.

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Speaking of windows, be sure to remember about the essentials, such as shutters, shaders, or sheers. This aspect, in such regard, should be discussed with your roommate since it’s intertwined with the element of lightning. Presumably, your cooperation would generate some brave ideas on how to enlighten your room, at the same time, making it shady closer to the evenings.

What we commonly advise to decorate any student room is some piece of greenery, maybe even adding some plants. What might ever be better than some visual aesthetics, refreshing oxygen, and greenery at window sills?

5. Any Space Left?

In most instances, the arrangement of all those ways would leave no space for some additional creativity and bravery in décor decisions. Yet, if you feel that something could be easily added without any interjections with the nearby elements, let your imagination work for you. Adding your personal art objects, an easel, or even a small kettle space could be helpful for the dilution of your daily routine.


Don’t be too stubborn while making decorations of your dorm room. In most instances, a close collaboration with your roommate is mandatory to identify a consensus on your interior ideas. Please remember that only by accomplishing agreement on most of the proposed recommendations you would be able to execute them in real life.

            Inspiration? Really?

What stands out the most in all of the ways on how to decorate your student room is an immeasurable scale of creativity and inspiration. If you have some real problems with choosing the most suitable interior style for your particular student room – just visit interior websites to make the most of your room. Yet, don’t forget a common rule of any student room. Less is more.


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