5 Undeniable Advantages of Using Quartz Countertops

The kitchen undoubtedly plays an integral role in our daily life, so whenever we are looking forward to buying a home or renovating our old house, we spend a hefty amount of time to design our kitchen so that we can get the best out of it. And one of the most vital considerations we have to do while we are modeling our kitchen is the correct choice of material for the kitchen countertop.

While there are various types of materials available in the market, today we are going to talk explicitly about the benefits of using the quartz countertop. So, without wasting any further time, let’s dive into the world of quartz!

What Is Quartz Actually?

Quartz countertops are basically a synthetic, engineered stone. They are mainly created from ground-up elements of rock which is infused with the aged plastic resins altogether. Therefore, it is not as natural as granite or marble. However, there are some “significant advantages of using quartz countertop”, says the industry giants like KNC Granite and some other foremost industry experts. Here are some top benefits of using Quartz countertop:

1.Toughness and Durability

As we have already mentioned before that the quartz is a man-made stone, the high amount of quartz components in the rock makes it very tough. Quartz countertops have mainly been built with 90 percent of quartz and 10 percent polymer along with colored pigments. So there is no question for the durability. You can carry on with your daily chores and stop worrying about its sturdiness.

Along with that, quartz is highly renowned for its unique benefits of resisting chips, scratches, and stains. Once you have installed it in your kitchen, it can last for several years with just a little bit of care.

2.Wide Variety of Styles

Quartz countertops come with various types of shades and patterns, which can be suitable for every need of your kitchen. As compared with natural stones, which only come in their natural color, in quartz, you can expect an extensive range of colors and beautiful patterns.

When you are in search of stones that can match the color and aesthetic of your personal kitchen, then quartz is the best option for you. From dark brown to the natural black, shiny surface to a matte finish, everything is possible with this engineered stone. If you are eyeing on the customized kitchen corner, consider quartz as your numero uno choice.

3.Nonporous in Nature

Quartz has a highly polished nonporous surface meaning that there would be no hole or cracks in it, and you can enjoy the increased durability of the countertop. As the quartz has a nonporous surface, you can clean it better; hence, there are fewer chances of dirt and debris accumulation, and as a result, you can live a much healthy and active life. Also, for the heavy polishing, you can easily clean off anything from your tabletop in a jiffy.

4.Uniformity and Cost Efficiency

Granite and marbles come directly from mother nature, so there is a chance that you do not get a very uniformity in texture and pattern. While some people adore the variation of nature, some like to embrace the symmetry. If you are one of those people who are looking for the consistency of pattern and color, then quartz will simply amaze you. Its hand-crafted style and texture can attribute your personal taste in every corner of your kitchen or bathroom.

Along with the uniformity, quartz is one of the materials that offer the best values, and several reputed places offer the ultimate buying experience of quartz countertops Maryland or some other area near to you.

5.Easy Maintenance

In our busy, fast, modern life, we are continually seeking the options that can make our life hassle-free. While the natural stone still remains a popular choice among many folks, quartz has subsequently raised in its fame due to its sheer amount of ‘ease of maintenance’ feature. While the natural stones require the wax or sealant coating, the quartz does not need as such protection. So, if you compare it with other stones, then you can quickly notice that quartz needs less maintenance than the natural stones. For its nonporous nature, it does not hold any stain, and one can clean it by simply wiping a damp cloth or adding a little bit of detergent along with that.

Natural stones like marble and granite are still one of the most popular choices among people when they think of kitchen countertops. However, quartz, for its unique offering and best value, has become another popular choice for many homeowners. Even prominent interior designers and architects are also expressing their interests in this stone by using it on their projects. So, if you are largely focusing on giving a compact and customizable touch to your kitchen and bathroom, then this is the stone you must lay your hands on without wasting any time.


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