5 Tips For Using A Chainsaw For Yard Maintenance

It’s that time of year again. You need to do some massive yard maintenance but are dreading actually diving into it. Maybe you need to cut some branches or slice up a lot of firewood. Either way, you’ll need the proper tools for the job. When it comes to cutting wood and trimming lots of branches, a chainsaw can be your best friend in terms of power tools. Chainsaws can really come in handy for cutting large tree branches and other large amounts of cutting your yard might require. But using a chainsaw can be tricky and is not for everybody. Here are five tips for using a chainsaw for your yard work and maintenance.

Cut Large Branches

Trees are a wonderful addition to any landscape, but they come with their fair share of problems. This is especially true when it comes to maintaining them. Trees can be overgrown and unruly at times, so require a bit of maintenance and cutting. Using a chainsaw is ideal for this task because it makes it easier and less inefficient. Most home insurance policies can cover damage to your landscaping, but you have to take care of your yard in order to get coverage. No policy is going to cover a yard that’s covered in broken branches and discarded tree limbs. Cutting tree branches can be a bit of a headache at times. There’s the element of precision required, the time it takes to do it properly, and figuring out disposal after the fact. Using a chainsaw can help with a couple of these items, making it easier and faster to cut any large branches or tree limbs.

Chainsaws come in various types: pocket or manual, battery-powered, corded-electric, pole, gas-powered, and pneumatic chainsaws. A gas-powered chainsaw is all-purpose, used in cutting large trees and lumber. Like gas-powered chainsaws with emissions, pneumatic chainsaws are also heavy-duty but emission-free.

For do-it-yourself (DIY) cutting projects, using a portable chainsaw is a great option. On the other hand, commercial saws are available for cutting large branches or a massive tree cutting project. These saws are durable, heavy-duty, and powerful.

If you are planning to buy a chainsaw for cutting large trees in your yard anytime soon, then consulting a chainsaw expert is an excellent idea to determine the best brands of chainsaws available in the market, including their features, benefits, and applications.

Use Proper Chain Tension

When using your chainsaw, it’s critical to ensure your chain tension is set correctly. If the tension is too tight, the chain won’t move correctly. A chainsaw chain that isn’t moving or is seized up might also generate more heat, which could in turn start a fire on your chainsaw. If the tension is too loose, there’s going to be a lot more kick back on the device. This can be a major issue and cause you to get hurt. Worse, the chain might fly off of the Chainsaw which would be a big problem. Adjusting the tension on the chain size is a bit of a process. There should be tension adjustment knobs on your chainsaw. Locate them and turn them to tighten or loosen them. There are special tools used to gauge tension and teach you how to do it properly, so be sure to read the manual and follow instructions. For additional help, ask a handyman or watch professionals do it online or in person. It is essential to be safe and as careful as possible throughout this process, especially because you’re going to be dealing with moving parts that can be sharp or dangerous.

Choose The Right Power Source

As with any power tool, most of your options are going to fall into two categories: gas powered and electric powered. Electric powered tools usually either have a cord or battery system that gives you a little bit more mobility but sometimes less power. They are ideal for smaller jobs and typical yard work. Gas powered chainsaws can be noisy, heavy, and a little bit tough to wield but are perfectly suited for large jobs, especially professional and industrial work. Gas chainsaws are also going to emit some fumes—something that doesn’t happen with electric chainsaws. Always select your tools based on the type of work, scope of work, and your personal needs. High performance EGO chainsaws offer plenty of variety and power for any task.

Use Safety Gear

When you’re using a chainsaw or any other power tool, safety should be your number one priority. Should never use a chainsaw around other people and never get your fingers near the blade. These are common sense for most people, but at the same time accidents can happen. Using protective eyewear can keep debris from flying into your face and using gloves will help you avoid blisters or other issues. Boots, helmets, and safety clothing will help keep you safe while operating these tools. Since chainsaws are pretty loud, hearing protection is a must-have. Chainsaws and most other tools that have built in safety features themselves, including kickback prevention and guards. Before operating the power tool, do a thorough inspection to ensure everything is connected and working properly. Taking a few extra precautions will not only lead to better performance and longer life from your tool, but will keep you protected as you perform your tasks.

Do you have chainsaw issues, such as not cutting well or frequently turning off? If you’re unsure why your chainsaw isn’t working properly, it’s advisable to contact a professional to repair it or replace damaged parts. This step is crucial to ensure your safety and everyone around you while operating this powerful tool.

Never Cut Anything But Wood

Chainsaws are a dedicated tool suited for a specific purpose. It should go without saying that using them to cut things for which they are not intended can damage the chainsaw and put yourself at risk. It’s prudent to never cut anything but wood with a chainsaw. Dragging your saw through the dirt, trying to cut rock, trying to cut masonry, and cutting Stone all have unique tools that will work for those tasks. Proper chain tension, a well-lubed chain, safety precautions, keeping the blade sharp, and following manufacture recommendations for using/storing the tool are all critical to maintaining its life and operations.


Using the right chainsaw for your yard maintenance can help improve the curb appeal of your home. Just keep in mind the usage and safety tips above to get the most out of your chainsaw-related projects, such as tree or lumber cutting.


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