5 Super Easy Tricks How To Visually Increase Your Small Bathroom

If you live in an apartment and have a very small bathroom, you’re probably thinking of accommodating everything you that need and still to make the bathroom to look comfortable and spacious. Here are some simple tricks how to make clever use of the space and visually to increase your oasis of peace.

Choose tiles in lighter shades

The simpler, the better. You already know that lighter colors open the space, and darker visually reduce it, so choose lighter tiles with only few decorations. If you really love some color, let only one wall be highlighted.

Transparent glass shower

Transparent shower cabins made of glass, create a sense of depth and greater space, so the bathroom will not seem overcrowded and cluttered.

Place the tiles only where needed

The walls in small bathrooms do not need to be completely covered with tiles. Place the tiles only where it is necessary, such as in a shower cabinet, and paint the rest of the wall with water-repellent paint. This will make it easier to add elements or other modifications later.

Add a couple of mirrors

Mirrors also increase the space, especially if they are well placed. So our advice is: buy different sizes and shapes and hang them over the sink.

Use your imagination creatively

Combine closed and open shelves, reuse old things as storage items, and combine them with the rest of the furniture. In the open shelves, place beautiful towels, in closed items such as cosmetics, hygiene products and the like.


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