5 Room Decorations To Boost Students Productivity

Improving productivity is a goal for today’s professionals and students alike. With so many distractions around, it is really difficult to stay concentrated on the task at hand. While the brain itself says that focusing after 20 minutes is quite challenging, certain things could encourage the brain and mind to stay on track.

The setting of the workspace might be the first thing that influences your output. Well, not all of us can actually get work done amidst chaos in public transportation and cafes right? Hence it is essential to have a stimulating yet calming space to get the best of your work mode.

So here are five things to do to make any room a wonderland for your brain to boost productivity.

1. Use the Right Room Shades

It is a widely known aspect that the color of a room can influence you tremendously. In fact, color psychology is being used in many office spaces to inspire its employees. It is the first thing that you notice while entering a room and it is what that will have a constant impact on the mood.

There are few particular shades that have proven to spur productivity. Warm colors like orange, yellow and red are few that you often find in offices and for this very same reason. Colors like white, grey, blue and green have the same effect but are also soothing to the eyes and mind.

Now, if it is not possible to change room paint, it is always possible to use temporary wallpapers to replace the paint. It would still have the same effect.

2. Interesting Desk Styles

The term desk style itself has been circling only for a very short while now. There are millions of desk pictures with even simple school supplies that make you want to study even if you are not in school. The most popular choices amongst students and professionals alike are books that offer assistance with your college assignments, stationaries, and even the color of the desk have a significant impact on productivity.

The desks can also be styled based on a color code. Mix and match different styles; thus if it gets monotonous, it is easily changeable too.

3. Lights for Guidance

Lights are a prime feature that sets the mood of any room. Dim lights or accent light could be torture to your eyes making it difficult to do any kind of work. If there are provisions for natural lighting, make sure it is best used. Place the study table near a window to get the maximum amount of natural light and even get a sight of sky or greens to calm your eyes.

If there is no way of putting a window to use, then make sure there is sufficient artificial lighting for the table. A desk lamb would be better to study late at night and will only light up your desk space.

4. Play with Room Furnishings

It is not just a desk that will affect the energy to study. Anything and everything in the room would have an impact on the mood. Instead of just stacking books and study materials on the desk, try to add more cabinets or shelves to arrange the books properly. This could involuntarily set the feeling of the room to study space, and you will find yourself wanting to be more productive. Add a few inspirational posters on the wall and you are ready to go.

5. Have a Relaxing Corner

Taking breaks is also a vital factor in maintaining a continuous flow of study. If it has become time to take a break, then it is also necessary that there is a space assigned to do that. Having a relaxing corner with just a chair and an ottoman could keep the workspace, sleeping space and rest corner separate.

Having such spaces unique for its purposes will keep it ideal to perform that activity. You won’t go to bed to just relax and find yourself waking up from a nap after a few hours. Keep this place pleasant by adding plants, colors and things that keep you energetic.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your room organized will not just increase the productivity but will also have many other positive impacts on the day to day activities. Like Jerry West said, “You can’t get much done in life if you only work on days when you feel good.”; well the aim is to feel good every day and getting your room right is the first step to it.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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