5 New and Inspiring Ideas For Lights In Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary for positive thinking, relaxing, meditation, or working, and lights play a big part in a home’s atmosphere.

Lights have the ability to change a person’s mood and emotions just by the colour and strength of it, so if you want a happy, cosy feeling in your home, you’ll need the best lighting ideas.

From the living room, where warm lights help set a cosy, energised mood for family time, movie time, reading, or entertaining, to the bedroom, where a dimmer light sets the mood for relaxation.

Lots of contemporary and classic style lights and shading have emerged in recent years, and it’s exciting to choose among the hundreds of shapes and designs that are just waiting to brighten up someone’s home.

Here are some of the most trending light ideas that will illuminate any room and make it more appealing.

Archway Lamps

Even when archway lamps aren’t switched on, they make a room look stylish. They’re big and hangover tables and sofas to provide ambient light.

In a large living room, an archway lamp compliments the rest of the furniture with its sleek designs and large lamp shades.

They are not just a form of lighting but also a piece of furniture and can turn any room into a modern masterpiece with an aesthetic lampshade from Dorval Lighting.

Contemporary archway lamps look great over a dining room table, and in the living room, they provide ample light hanging over a sofa.

You can also buy them with flexible lamp heads so you can move the light in any direction you want.

Wall & Mirror Lights

If you want a light that’s as dramatic as it is eye-catching, then a mirror light is the perfect light to grab the attention of incoming guests.

Mirror lights look great in the bathroom instead of ceiling lights and the bedroom above the bed.

They are not designed to provide luminous light to every corner of the room but rather make it stand out with a warm glow and rounded design.

For the living room and kitchen, a cool idea that is trending right now is the eclipse wall light.

These wall lights create the image of a round eclipse on the wall, and they naturally fit in any room with other lights and furniture, making them very appealing for homeowners.

Built-in Lighting

LED lighting looks amazing with its fluorescent colours, and it’s such a creative light to work with because you can use them to go around bookshelves, kitchen cupboards, the bathtub, and even up the stairs.

They add warmth to any room and gently illuminate any space. In most homes, they’re used as an accent light hidden behind or around surfaces like a kitchen island.

Built in LED lights are widely available and affordable, with lots of colours to choose from.

A Touch Of Asia

Asian inspired rooms are renowned for their simplistic design, wooden features, and natural light, but once the sun goes down, all the rooms light up with candlelight and contemporary hanging lights.

Candlelight creates a welcoming atmosphere mixed with modern interior design and oriental lamp shades.

The combination of a few scented candles and hanging lights with oriental-inspired lampshades has worked for centuries in Asian culture and is becoming popular around Europe.

Sculptural Lights

Art meets light with sculptural lighting designs! Sculptural lights come in all shapes, styles, and figures and give rooms an instant contemporary upgrade and easily cast enough light around with their luminous glow.

The world is really your oyster when it comes to choosing sculptural lights.

They come in so many shapes, sizes, and designs to suit everyone’s needs for every style of room.


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