5 Must-Have BobbleHeads As Home & Car Decor

Bobbleheads are fun. They move just enough not to be too stationary and boring while staying put when placed on a desk or dashboard. They are also a low-maintenance accessory, helping you make any space better with ease.

But we acknowledge that watching the same trinket on your working station, home office desk, or dashboard might get a little too boring. So, why not look for a better solution? Choose from a range of personalized bobbleheads instead! Here are five bobblehead options that we think you might like.

1.Custom-made Bobbleheads

There is nothing better than owning a trinket you got as a gimmick. It takes you back to fun memories, gives you a hearty laugh, and is a fun thing to look at in the middle of driving or a busy workday. Overall, owning a custom-made bobblehead is a great idea, and it’s an even better idea to gift it to someone close to you.

You can simply go to an online platform that designs them, supply them with an image of the person and a description of the kind of bobblehead you want. They can deliver it to you within the stated time, and you can share the same joy with your friends, family, or spouse!

2.Celebrity Bobbleheads

If you or someone you know is really into a celebrity or character, you can get a bobblehead with their face. Whether it is Rihanna, Shawn Mendes, Benedict Cumberbatch, Will Smith, or Shahrukh Khan that you fancy, you can find all of them online.

Another great way to put group bobbleheads to use is by buying a collection. You could get a collection of bobbleheads from a particular series, book, or movie, such as Harry Potter, Marvel, or Friends. All your office buddies or family members can have one from the collection, one that’s their favorite or that suits them the best.

3.Sport-based Bobbleheads

If one is a sports fanatic, getting a sports bobblehead would be a great option for them. These bobbleheads are designed for a particular sport, catering to all tastes ranging from synchronized swimming to soccer. For instance, if you love the NBA and follow the season religiously, you could go for a basketball bobblehead with your favorite player’s face. You could even collect the entire team!

4.Animal Bobbleheads

Getting a bobblehead of this kind is ideal for people who love animals. If you simply like to look at cute pictures of dogs and cats in the middle of your workday, you can get yourself a figurine; it would act as an attractive decor on your desk as well.

Additionally, if you work far away from home and miss your pet, you can get one that looks identical to them. Custom-made bobbleheads aren’t just restricted to recreating human faces, so you can request a personalized bobblehead by providing a detailed photo of your beloved pet and have them try to recreate the same.

5.Couple Bobbleheads

Couple bobbleheads might sound like a cheesy idea at first, but hear us out. There are mainly two kinds: a couple bobblehead set or a ‘his & hers’ set. A couple can get their own customized bobblehead and exchange it with their partner. They can also choose to get a bobblehead with the couple together, often set in a theme, such as Christmas, wedding, or a memorable holiday.

This can not only prove to be a cute decor for your car’s dashboard or office desk but also allows you to be silly together—something that keeps every couple going for years.

If you’re looking to accessorize your personal space with things that aren’t expensive yet don’t make it look soulless, you should get fun toys, trinkets, paintings, and work accessories that can help lift your mood while looking great.


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