5 Major Shower Doors Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Bathrooms are some of the most important private spaces in all kinds of modern homes. Beautiful and functional Shower Doors or enclosures are not only the modern trend but very much a decent requirement too. These provide great benefits to bathrooms in terms of their functionality and visual aesthetics at the same time.

However, it is very easy for homeowners to make certain mistakes during the selection and fitting of their shower doors. These major mistakes might look small but can cause big losses for the doors and enclosures. With the right knowledge and techniques, most of these can be avoided for the best.

Here are some major mistakes and how they can be avoided when it comes to your bathroom shower doors:

Mistake 1: Lose Fitting and Wobbling Shower Doors and Enclosures

One of the very basic and also most common mistakes with shower doors is their lose fitting. Wobbling doors that also rattle from any give sides are a commonplace today. Even the most expert fitters and homeowners can make this basic mistake.

You definitely don’t want your glass panel wobbling or moving even the tiniest millimeter. It can cause the whole thing to come down and even break. For something this small to cause this big of an effect is never a good result for any homeowner.

Easy Solution: Measure Them Correctly for Stability and Endurance

This almost all the times has to do with your measurements. People often think of small margins to be negligible when it comes to doors and enclosures. When measuring it yourself, make sure to take readings down to the last millimeter.

It is a job best reserved for the experts in all honestly. If you are good with these kinds of measurements, take yours. If not, call an expert.

Mistake 2: Door Replacement Required Due to Lose or Broken Handles

Often times, homeowners have to replace the whole shower door panel just because the handle came off. Breaking of cracking handles can also damage the glass near them and cause the whole thing to look less satisfactory.

Practically, when you have a good quality glass panel, its handles and knobs are the only things that get damaged. Replacing the whole thing can be the result if you don’t handle things carefully. The cost and time factors are always great in this kind of a situation.

Easy Solution: Use High Quality Handles and Knobs for Reliability

Solution to this mistake is a rather easy one. All you need to do is to have doors with high-quality handles and knobs. This way, your doors will stay safe and looking good as new for as long as you need them to.

This should be taken care of during the installation stage. If your handle is any bit less than perfect, replace it right there and then.

Mistake 3: The Whole Panel Breaking Off and Becoming a Hazard

Glass is of course fragile. Especially, when you have a type of it that is not strengthened or reinforced, you will often see the whole thing breaking apart. Glass that breaks into small sharp shards is particularly hazardous and risky.

You have to consider the fact that people in the bathroom will always be exposed to this risk. This should not be ignored at all. Risk of injury is great when you have sharp shards of glass flying around or lying on the floor.

Easy Solution: Choose the Right Kind of Glass for Safety

Choosing the right kind of glass shower doors and enclosures is paramount. Laminated glass is a great option for bathroom shower doors. Alternatively, you can also go with tempered glass panels and sheets as well.

If you don’t want glass in your shower altogether, Plexiglass Sheets are great options as well. These are essentially high-quality plastics that work and look just as good as any glass without the risk of shattering.

Mistake 4: Shower Door or Enclosure Hazing Up

Dis-coloring of glass and also plexiglass is a common phenomenon. This often happens on the surface and not inside. However, inside layers can also pick up a bit of haze and yellow tint in time. Most of the times, it will be mold on the surface.

Sub-standard cleaning liquids and sponges can also scratch their surface up. Over time, these scratches can be enough to make the glass look not clear and fuzzy to some extent.

Easy Solution: Clean Your Shower Doors with the Right Items

All glass sheets, panels and pieces require the right cleaning methods and apparatus. You should always use a glass cleaner on their surfaces and no other cleaners. Clean cloth that is as free from dirt or dust should be used.

Cleaning cloth with dust on it can also cause minute scratches that can accumulate over time. You also want the right motions on the glass surface. Circular motions often lead to scratching up on glass surfaces. Start from the top and lift while going down on them for a scratch-free cleaning.

Mistake 5: Glass Shower Door Replacement Is Too Expensive

Often times, you are presented prices for your glass shower doors that are too expensive. Modern manufacturing has evolved greatly over the past few decades. You now have many different types and styles of shower panels that look and feel great from all angles.

Still, too expensive panels and sheets are never the right ones no matter how good they look. You need to keep this price constraint in mind when buying your glass shower panel replacement. Quality is available at affordable prices when you know where to buy from.

Easy Solution: Buy from the Right Glass and Mirror Shop

Glass and Mirror providers on the internet often offer great deals. Especially, when you buy in bulk, very affordable prices are on offer. These prices get you the right kind of glass at a cost you are willing to pay. You also have to factor in the whole fitting and finishing costs as well.

If you are somewhat of a DIY expert, try this on your own. Otherwise, in all honesty, this is a job for the experts and contacting one should always be the priority.


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