5 Examples Of High-Class Features That Don’t Actually Cost Much

Making your home look high class is not easy and, obviously, not cheap, or so you thought? There are always ways of making a striking and quality look while still being conscious of your budget and one of the main tips on achieving this is keeping it original, use your creativity and imagination rather than following the trends and styles of the day. As when something becomes popular it certainly becomes more expensive, the laws of supply and demand dictate this and any supplier of homewares knows this and the prices will reflect these trends. So if you can come up with something a little different, not only does it set your house apart from the rest it can actually aloe you to achieve something extravagant and stunning on a fraction of the budget you might otherwise end up spending.

Using Reclaimed Materials

In recent times it has become quite the trend to use reclaimed materials in design, art, and construction, and this is possibly a way to get something not only stylish but cheap as well. As with anything more popular you can end up paying quite a lot if you hire the wrong people to source, design and build features for you. But if you find the materials yourself, in house clearances or specific reclaimed materials stores this can save you an absolute fortune and you can often find local artisan crafts-people or artists that work at a reasonable rate, so all this combined gives you a unique and personalized look to your home and your wallet does not take an absolute pounding.

Look For 2nd Hand

Getting things 2nd hand is another way to make significant savings, you might be thinking, wait haven’t we just covered that with all that talk of using reclaimed materials? Well. not really, reclaimed usually refers to materials to construct, build or create something new with, whereas buying 2nd hand we are referring to furniture really. So whatever you are looking for it’s a good idea to look at what folks are selling or getting rid of on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc. visiting thrift or charitable furniture stores can also get you some cracking vintage pieces that can give a unique flavor to any home or room.

What About Creating A Lush Outdoor Space

When thinking about renovating or redecorating the home the first thing that we all think of is which rooms are we going to change around and what furniture and color-schemes we want, but the outdoor space is so often the last to be considered, and it shouldn’t be. Think about it it’s often the first thing people see when they arrive, and in the summer months where you, and your guests may spend a lot of your time. So think creatively about landscaping, making some classic decked or patio areas, even something really lush like wall fountains for your backyard.

Buy Fabrics & Learn How To Create Upholstery & Curtains Yourself

When you buy anything for your home that is ready-made you are paying for the whole process, every piece needs to be designed, then put together and marketed and sold, this whole process has a cost attached to it and so all this work is reflected in the eventual sale price. But if try your hand at making your own then you can save a huge amount of money over buying the finished article every time. A great skill to have is to be able to create upholstery yourself, this way you can create your own pieces of furniture to look exactly as you wish or even give a new lease of life to old pieces as simply re-surfacing a chair or sofa is much cheaper than buying a whole new one. Even making your own curtains can be a great way of achieving the exact look you want and it’s a skill that pretty much anyone can learn, as all you need is the material and some fairly basic sewing skills.

Large Art Or Mirrors

To create an expensive-looking area, size can make the difference, when choosing how to set out the walls of your rooms you should think about using the space to it’s fullest as if you have a sparse wall space that can often give the impression of frugality, which is not what you want, and also having too many small and cluttered pieces of art or wall decoration can be a bit much and not a good look. Consider large mirrors or artwork, see these stunning examples if you need some inspiration.


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