5 Effective Ways to Reduce Air Conditioner Noise

Air conditioners are quintessential for modern convenience and luxury. It’s nearly impossible to imagine our homes and offices without air conditioners. With global warming issues, air conditioner usage is increasing. Unfortunately, the droning noise is also becoming a part and parcel of our lives.

Believe it or not, to enjoy cool and conditioned air quality, you don’t have to compromise with the constant buzz of your air conditioner. There are simple ways to effectively control the noise levels from the air conditioner. We’re sure you can get by with a little help from our end.

Here’s all you need to know about getting your air conditioner quiet!

1. Select a silent air conditioner

You probably purchased your air conditioner years ago when the advanced technology for silent air conditioners hadn’t hit the markets. But now that the technology is available and quite affordable, you shouldn’t miss the chance for this improvement. If you’re buying a new air conditioner, you should ask the vendor to show a brand that makes an ultra quiet air conditioner.

You’ll definitely have a quieter experience.

You should also consider buying a smaller sized air conditioner over a large one. Of course, this choice makes sense when other circumstances like the budget and suitability permit. Generally speaking, over-sized air conditioners make more noise.

2. Install the air conditioner correctly

It is vital to select the location for installation of an air conditioner after careful consideration. If the air conditioner is installed away from the bedroom and living room, you’ll get the benefit of less noise coming into these rooms.

There are other factors that can influence the amount of noise generated from your air conditioner. Make sure that the ducts don’t release in narrow corridors which tend to resonate the sound even more. Air conditioners installed close to doors and windows, start and shut often creating more noise. Take care of these small points at the time of installing the air conditioner.

3. Include noise barriers in your interiors

Did you know that some very cheap indoor plants can relieve you from much noise in your home? And yes, that includes the noise from running an air conditioner too!

Indoor plants are excellent for insulating the room from noise. You can improve your home environment and make it more natural with some potted plants. You can also create a wooden fence around your air conditioner’s indoor unit. This will absorb the sound and reduce the noise level. You can take services of an interior designer for planning the space optimally.

4. Install sound blankets

Sound blanket is another effective way of insulating your space from air conditioner noise. Sound blankets or sound curtains are special curtains made of vinyl and fiberglass. Their function is to cover the air conditioner and absorb the sound released from the working appliance. Most often the sound blanket is installed around the compressor for most satisfactory sound insulation. This equipment also improves the efficiency of your air conditioner.

You can also some of these cheap easy ways of soundproofing the room, if the air conditioner sound from a neighboring room creates too much noise

5. Regular maintenance

No matter how much effort you put in buying and installing your new air conditioner, in the long run how you care for the appliance makes the real difference. Many consumers don’t realize the worth of regular maintenance in extending the useful life of their air conditioners.

Taking an annual maintenance service for your appliance can prevent many functional problems. In any case, professional maintenance can fix the technical problems at their nascent stage.

Letting a problem build up in the air conditioner and overlooking its repairs can also cost you heavily in terms of damage to parts.

Never forget, a smooth functioning air conditioner is undoubtedly the key to its noise-free performance.

The above tips are effective for cutting out the low droning sound from your air conditioner. Often, this kind of constant subtle noise doesn’t indicate a major problem in the machinery of the air conditioner. But if you notice that your air conditioner is making loud unbearable noises that sound like a rumble, you should not take the matter lightly. If you suspect that the air conditioner has malfunctioned, you should shut it immediately. Call for a reliable technician for repairs.


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