5 Decorating Tips to Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

Moving into a new place is no easy task. It can be extremely stressful if you’re not prepared and finding a new home can be a daunting task that takes up a lot of time. And when you do move in, it’s still hard for it to feel “yours” straightaway. Even though you own everything inside, it can take some time for it to settle that it’s really your home. There are many ways to make a house feel like a home, here are some ways you can adapt to a new place quickly.

  1. What’re inside matters

A lot of what makes a place feel like home to us is what ‘s inside. In other words, start with the interior. More specifically, look at your living room furniture, your bedroom, and other amenities. This is the fastest way to make a place really feel yours. If there are some things that you’re so used to that you can’t live without, make sure your new place has them. Aside from the bittersweet feeling of leaving any place for a new one, the bright side it has is the ability to start fresh and create new memories. Don’t be afraid to move in with new expectations and create new memories.

  1. Fill in the gaps

Does your new place just feel too empty? Don’t be afraid to get a bit artsy and start filling in the gaps. Just about every house has some spots that stand out and might feel weird at first. Part of moving into a new place is to make sure every inch of the place feels like home. To do this, consider putting up some artwork, use the empty space to your advantage and decorate it with other interior design accessories.

  1. Improve the aroma

Chances are, your new place might not feel like a home straightway – largely because of your senses associated with it. It might be because you’re already used to the smell of your old place. Unpleasant odors can be a serious deal breaker and what might be holding you back. If you notice a strange smell in your new place, don’t panic, and instead, focus on how you can improve it so you fit in better. Once you’ve found the perfect smell, buy candles, incense and other air fresheners to truly make the place feel yours.

  1. Create ambiance

The lighting plays a big role in our mood when it comes to how we feel at home, so, don’t settle for the bulbs the place came with. And instead, think about how you can create a relaxed and welcoming ambiance in your new home. Try fluorescent different colored bulbs that work in your favor. Not only will they create a softer light in your home, but they’re also more energy efficient than the traditional light bulb too.

  1. Create new memories

Finally, after all, is said and done, all that’s left is to create new memories and focus on the future. It is entirely possible to get caught up in the details and keep redecorating when what you should be focusing on instead is creating new memories and looking into the future. So, to do that, throw a housewarming party, invite a few friends over, and celebrate the little things. Be patient, have fun and it will pay off!


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