5 Common Air Conditioning Questions & Answers

Do you wonder what your air conditioning should or should not be doing? Are you concerned you are not doing enough to keep it running optimally? Air conditioning technicians often hear the same questions from every customer about air conditioning.

If you need air conditioning repair, you need a company that is honest, reliable, and precise with service and maintenance. These five common air conditioning questions are what people most often ask when getting their AC unit serviced . However, if you ever have questions about your AC unit, maintenance, repairs, or replacement, that you don’t find here, don’t hesitate to ask them!

1. How Often Should I Have My AC Unit Serviced?

For your AC system to function at its best and last its 10-year lifespan, you must schedule regular maintenance with a professional AC technician. Here in Katy, Texas, it is recommended that you have routine inspections twice per year.

This will help technicians to find any issue while it is still minor and get it fixed before it becomes a significant problem. Not servicing your AC for long periods means the potential for more significant troubles can arise. You may wind up with higher energy costs and system breakdowns on the hottest days. Katy air conditioning repair specialists keep your AC running its best year-round by performing the maintenance services it needs.

2. How Will I Know If My Air Conditioner is Broken?

The first sign you will likely notice is cool air has ceased to flow. Next, you should go to your thermostat and check the display. Many modern thermostats are battery-operated, so it may be as simple as replacing those batteries.

However, if you change the batteries and your system still does not work, or it does not function on batteries, something else is causing the problem. Try changing the thermostat settings and turning on the fan to see if anything happens. If it does not power on, something is likely clogged or broken. Call for repairs immediately to have an expert AC technician provide a working solution and get your home cooled down again.

3. How Do I Change the Air Filter?

Changing the air filter is a simple maintenance all homeowners should do to prevent problems with the HVAC system. However, it can keep the unit from running efficiently and cause worse problems when it gets dirty.

Your AC filters should be changed every 30 to 60 days. Of course, many factors will impact how often you need to switch it out. However, if you check it once per month, you will be able to determine if it needs replacing or not.

Make sure you get the right size filter for your AC unit. You also want to choose a more effective filter. Look for the MERV or “minimum efficiency reporting value” on the packaging. The higher the MERV number, the more effective your filter will be.

If you have questions about correctly installing the filter for your AC, ask the service technician to show you how on their next visit.

4. When Do I Need to Replace My Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioning unit is one of the most important investments you can make in your home. Air conditioning units last for ten years; if your unit is approaching that age, it is time to start considering replacing it.

If your energy bills are rising and you are not changing your habits, that is generally a sign your air conditioner is wearing out. Another sign that a replacement is imminent is when your unit leaks refrigerant. It is costly and will cause other components to break down too. Generally, replacing the unit at this point is more cost-effective as the repairs will run almost as much as installing a new unit.

When your unit is older, it will start having more and more problems that you need to repair. You should discuss your options for replacing your AC, and making a solid investment in your home with a reputable air conditioning company.

5. How Can I Make Sure My Air Conditioner Lasts as Long as Possible?

If your AC unit is new or just a few years old, you can keep it running right during its lifespan by ensuring you have it regularly serviced. You want to do your part by changing your filters at regular intervals, removing debris from the outdoor portion of the unit, keeping ducts and air grills unobstructed, using window coverings to reduce summer heat, and making use of programmable thermostats.

What to Do When You Have Questions About Your Air Conditioner

If you have any other questions about your air conditioning unit or need to schedule expert service, you should speak with experts in the air conditioning industry. They can give you the solutions you need for your AC problems. Set an appointment as soon as possible and get the peace of mind that cool, comfortable air conditioning brings!


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