4 Key Features of Anti Snoring Mattresses

It’s frustrating when your partner snores. He may be sleeping comfortably, but the constant rumbling noise gives you sleepless nights. In fact, according to many studies, 40% of adult men snore during their sleep. Well, dry air and imperfect sleeping posture can be the two primary causes of snoring, but do you know that your mattress can also be a factor? While you may look for natural remedies to stop snoring, you should also check some of the anti-snoring mattresses. Here are some of the features that experts at BedAdvisor.com suggest these anti-snoring mattresses should have:

1. Comfort

Anti-snoring mattresses conform to your body posture while you sleep. But it would help if you also keep your comfort level in mind. If you are used to sleeping on a soft mattress, it would be challenging to shift to a firm mattress suddenly. You would not get sleepless nights because of your partner’s snoring. The firmness of the mattress would make you twist and turn through the night. Experts suggest you buy a mattress that makes you feel comfortable. It can be a spring mattress or one that comes with memory foam.

2. Temperature regulation

Even the most supporting mattress may make your partner fidget if it gets too hot. Anti-snoring beds come with cooling technology that doesn’t allow the temperature of the mattress to go up. They contain five layers of high-quality foam. The base layer contains high-density support foam. This offers the firmness to the mattress. There is one layer that has gel memory foam that removes excess body heat. Together, these layers allow you and your partner to sleep comfortably and prevent snoring.

3. Firmness

There are three types of firmness available in anti-snoring mattresses: soft, moderate, and hard. But you should choose one that suits your sleeping style. Check whether your partner sleeps on his side, stomach, or back? For side sleepers, anti-snoring mattresses with additional contouring are appropriate. It relieves pressure from the hips and shoulders. On the other hand, if he sleeps on his back or his stomach, you should get a mattress with some extra firmness. It offers spine alignment while sleeping that ensures that your partner’s nasal passage is clear, thus preventing him from snoring.

4. Compatibility

Apart from the firmness that suits your body, it would help if you also considered the stability of the bed before buying an anti-snoring mattress. As already mentioned, the balance of the mattress may vary, but you need to pick one that suits your sleeping style. It would help if you also remembered that firmness should match your bed. Don’t go for a firm mattress on a soft bed or vice versa. That would disturb your partner’s sleeping style, and he may start snoring again. If your bed is firm, buy a firm mattress.

It isn’t a big deal to buy an anti-snoring mattress. It would help if you made sure that the features match your partner’s sleeping style and comfort level. The snoring won’t go away overnight. But it would disappear gradually once he starts sleeping more peacefully with the help of an anti-snoring mattress.


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