30 Fabulous Velvet Furniture Designs

Velvet with his luxurious beauty makes the space very classy and sophisticated place to live. With just one piece of furniture covered in velvet you will make your home more stylish than ever.  This kind of furniture design brings soft touch in the space. With the classical warmth and rich texture of the irresistible fabric will make you feel relaxed. Traditionally, velvet is associated with nobility. But it doesn’t mean that it can be integrated only in classy design. Velvet furniture can look great also in minimalistic and modern space. Velvet is difficult to clean because of its pile, but don’t be afraid, modern dry cleaning methods make cleaning more feasible. We present you 30 fabulous velvet furniture designs. Enjoy…


Buy it here: www.etsy.com


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Source: whtechocolatte.blogspot.com


Buy it here: www.etsy.com


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