3 Ways You Can Position The TV In The Living Room

Not that long ago, the TV was the main element of the living room. Well, it was hard for it not to be. TVs were just so big and boxy that they required a lot of central space in order to put them in the living room. Fortunately, technology has advanced quite a lot and TVs have gotten skinnier, lighter, but also bigger in a sense. It is hard to imagine a contemporary living room without a decently-sized television so we thought it would do you good if we shared 3 ways you can position the TV in the living room.

Before you go ahead and buy a new TV, unless you already have one, you need to do some measurement to figure out what should the size limit of your new TV be. Just because you have a huge empty wall, doesn’t mean that you should get the biggest TV you can fit on it. How far away will you be sitting from the TV? For screens under 40 inches in diagonal, you should be sitting at least 4 feet away to about a maximum distance of 9 feet. Anything larger than that and the sitting distance increases.
This is something that you should be keeping in mind when shopping for a new TV but also when considering where you want to place the TV in the living room. Once you’ve got that taken care of, you can look into the ways a TV can be placed.

1. Mounted on the wall

It is hard to find a modern home where the TV is not mounted on a wall and there is a good reason for that. Mounting the TV on the wall will allow you to position it higher, making it more comfortable to watch TV while sitting on the couch. You will need a TV wall mount in order to be able to securely position a TV on your wall, but you will also need a way to get all the cables up to the TV without exposing them. That can be done by embedding cable canals in the drywall before painting it, or by drilling the holes for the cables where the TV is expected to be. This is an ideal way to place a TV if you have enough space between the wall and the sitting area.

2. Corner positioning

When your living room does not allow for a wall-mounted TV or if there is not that much space between the wall and the couch, you could consider placing the TV in a corner of the room. This will create some more diagonal space, allowing you to maintain a good viewing distance. You could still mount it on the wall in the corner, or you can place the TV on top of a console table.

3. Embed it in the furniture

If you’ve got custom furniture planned for your living room, you will have the chance to have your furniture designed in a way that it can hold the TV and make it feel as part of the design. This is perhaps the most expensive option but when done properly, it can look as if the TV was always meant to be there and when not in use, it will just look like part of the furniture.


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