3 Vital Elements To Include In Your Garage Design

According to a survey by the Wall Street Journal, only 11% of  Americans are satisfied with their garage layout. Chances are, you might be a homeowner that looks upon  novel garage designs and remodels and wonder how you can apply those to your own home. To achieve that, you only need to keep these three vital elements in mind when creating your garage design.

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Enhance The Driveway & Entrance

To achieve a satisfying tactile feel, install a gravel pathway along the driveway entrance. You can also embellish the path with greenery and floral foliage. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly design that won’t sacrifice market value, consider a ribbon driveway. This style will allow you to incorporate low flowery shrubs in the intervening space between the tracks. Some ribbon driveway designs also consist of  permeable pavers you can grow grass on as well.

Upstyle The Garage Door

As the centerpiece to any garage, the door should invoke feelings of a warm welcome. Whether it is a simple metal tilt-up or a high-tech retractable option, opening the garage door should feel just as comfortable as opening the entrance of your home. Functionality aside, the garage door can make or break the statement of your entire garage. As such, it’s best to choose one that combines style with functionality and reliability.
For example, some homeowners go for the postmodern route and get a door fitted with window panes. These give it a sleeker look and a more open feel. It also  allows for natural lighting and a view of the outside. This example is so well-loved in modern design that some people are even using it within the house. There are plenty of ways to create that pleasing, comfortable feeling with your garage door, however. The best way to get it done is to consult an  experienced garage door service to ensure the best fit and style.

Compliment The House

Finally, make sure that the building’s style ties the entire design together. Whether you use an attached carport or an outbuilding, it should follow the motif of the home. The architecture and style of the garage should be in the same vein as that of the home. Right down to the accents and trimmings, such as the color palette and roof pitch, the garage should look like a companion to the house.
Aim to make the garage modest when compared to the home. Ornamentation, colors, and other designs should not outshine that of the house. Giving the garage a clean set of windows and shutters grants it a more homey feel without drawing too much focus away from the main exterior. Things such as eaves and sidings can also soften the imposing silhouette that most garages have.
Garages and outbuildings are valuable extensions of your home. As such, they should play a complementing and supporting role to the main building, while feeling just as welcoming as the rest of it. To achieve that, include these vital elements when creating your garage design.

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