5 Garage Models That Will Make You Think About Remaking Your One!

In the program of needs of a residence, one of the items in the project is the garageDepending on the number of residents and how many vehicles will have space, you must follow the rules for minimum distances such as vacant size, ramp inclination, a radius of curvature and maneuvers.

Another important detail would be the aesthetic part of the garage: the gate. It is essential that nowadays a gate is designed for the safety of the residents and the vehicle. As the garage entrance is usually at street level, it will soon be part of the facade. Thus, thinking about the material is a study that takes some time to follow along with the rest of the facade.

The coverage depends on the position where it will be positioned, they are usually within the residence grounds so they already compose with the masonry structure. Others prefer to use a different cover and many residents are enjoying using the pergola, which can be metallic or wooden, which leaves a different and flowery style in the space.

The style of the garage will depend on the main design of the house. Of course, there are many without any protection, this can be found in closed luxury condominiums where they have adequate security for the place. See our garage references and get inspired when designing your home:







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