3 Types of Shed Designs For Your Outdoor Areas in 2022

There are many of those who think that the shed is a thing of the past, at least when talking about modern homes. But a shed is not just something you need on a farmhouse.
Modern homes need tools and appliances as well. Just because a home is designed in a minimalist style doesn’t mean that it requires no maintenance all of a sudden. In fact, modern homes can benefit the most out of a well-designed shed that will hide away all of the stuff that doesn’t match the design of the home and its outdoor areas. But hang on, there is more to the shed than just being used as a storage space.

What else can a shed be used for nowadays? Can you find another purpose for it if you have a garage that is big enough to store all of your tools and maintenance items? You definitely can. We’re going to cover the three most popular shed types that you might want to consider.

1. Storage Shed

The storage shed is the classic shed that we all know of. It is just an enclosed outdoor space that is used to store stuff like gardening tools, plumbing tools, the lawnmower and all kinds of stuff that you don’t want lying around your garden. It can come in many shapes and sizes but its purpose remains unchanged. It is incredibly practical and will help you keep track of where you keep all of your tools.

2. Guest House

It might come as a surprise but you can actually host guests in your shed. Arguably, the shed that we’re talking about is not your typical storage shed but instead it is more of an actual studio apartment that sits in your garden, detached from your home. It can be designed in any way you want with a bedroom, a bathroom and even a kitchen and living room to provide the complete package to your guests.

3. Home Office

One of the most popular type of shed designs in the past few years has definitely been the home office shed. It is just a small room placed in your backyard with an interior space designed to enable you to take care of your work duties. This is the perfect choice for everyone working from home as it provides a distraction-free environment focused on productivity while still being technically at home.


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