3 Interior Design Tips to Attract Tenants

If you understand current interior design trends, that will naturally help you improve the appearance of the indoor areas of your home. This is useful not only if you live in your own home, but also if you rent out a property.

Along with taking basic, common-sense steps, such as enlisting the help of a qualified and reputable property management company, upgrades to your property’s interior design will help you attract tenants and justify charging a little more in rent than you otherwise might.

It’s best to research the topic thoroughly when planning to make necessary improvements. In the meantime, though, the following tips will help you get started:

Opt for Minimalism

Minimalism is popular these days. By embracing a minimal approach to interior design, you’re more likely to appeal to potential tenants who appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a simple design.

But that’s not the only reason minimalist interior design is worth making a priority. A minimalist style will give tenants more freedom to decorate their living space as they see fit (as long as they don’t violate the terms of the lease!). This is another way minimalism will help you attract tenants.

On top of that, minimalism involves, well, fewer expenditures. The less you have to decorate a property, the less you have to buy.

Clean Your Windows

This may sound like a superficial point, but it’s not! Research has shown that exposure to natural light has a positive impact on a person’s mood.

That can be valuable when potential tenants are touring your property. You want to take all the necessary steps to ensure they have a positive experience. The goal is to get them to associate your property with pleasant emotions.

Cleaning your windows and keeping the curtains open when prospective tenants drop in is a great way to achieve this goal. It also costs virtually nothing (unless your windows must be cleaned by professionals), and doesn’t absorb much time.

What does this have to do with interior design? Experts say that large windows that let in plenty of light are trendy these days. Though you may not have the time or funds to justify installing new windows, you can easily highlight the current ones on your property by cleaning them and keeping the curtains open.

Add Some (Artificial) Plants

Although there may be exceptions when a tenant rents a property, they generally don’t “inherit” any plants that are in it. However, that doesn’t mean you mustn’t decorate your property with plants when you show it to potential tenants.

If you’re not going to let them keep the plants because you’d like to give them an opportunity to decorate the space the way they’d like, just make sure your tenants understand they don’t get to keep the plants if they decide to rent the property.

You can give them the option to keep them, of course, but let them know they don’t have to.

Decorating a space with plants is particularly “in” these days. There may be a good reason for this: Just as research has confirmed that sunlight boosts a person’s mood, researchers have also discovered that looking at greenery and being surrounded by it has a similar positive effect.

Best of all, scientists have found that greenery doesn’t even have to be real to create such results. Instead of having to tend live plants until you find a tenant, you may invite people to tour your property in a space that features artificial plants which trigger positive responses.

These are just a few simple ways to create a space that will appeal to renters. By keeping the people in mind and partnering with experts, you can turn a property you own into a lucrative source of additional income.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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