3 Important Considerations to Take Before Ordering a Bed

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend in your bed? If you have a healthy sleeping habit then it should amount to about a third of your life. That is a lot, it really is quite a lot. When you take a look at it from this perspective, it really makes you think more about the quality of your bed. But you should be thinking about that before you actually buy a bed, so if you’re in the process of a bedroom remodel or considering one at least, you need to know the type of bed you want before anything else. Making this choice early can help you determine the entire layout of your bedroom and avoid some issues later down the road. We’re just going to give you a few things to consider before calling Billy’s Beds for a custom bed or ordering one from the furniture store.

1. Size

It might be quite obvious but the bed size is very important. If the space that you have at your disposal allows it, you should choose a king bed or even a super king bed. It will give you a lot more comfortable space to roll around in, especially if you’re not sleeping alone. But even if you are sleeping alone, you should be looking at larger beds than a single bed. It’s just a bit more comfort your way.

2. Storage

So you’ve chosen the biggest bed that you could fit in your bedroom but you forgot to think about where you’re going to put all of your stuff. If you do not have a lot of space to work with or you need that extra storage potential, choose a bed that comes with storage options underneath it. It can come in quite handy when you need to swap out your winter duvet with something a bit lighter for the summer.

3. Firmness and durability

The durability and firmness of your bed are going to be responsible of how much feedback you feel whenever you partner moves while you’re sleeping or even how much noise you will make when you move. It can be quite annoying sometimes and the mattress has a huge part to play in this so choosing a quality combination of bed and mattress should be on top of your list.


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