25 Lovely DIY Feather Crafts Ideas

There are so many things you can do with feathers. They are so beautiful and gentle. With their ease you can make many different crafts. For example you can make beautiful chandeliers. Hang some feathers on it and little vintage jewelry and you will get chic chandelier. Also you can make wreaths for your front door. Make wreath with white feathers for Christmas or black feathers for Halloween. The most beautiful feathers from peacock can look great in any decorations in your home. Feathers crafts for kids are so cute and creative. Make the school pencils more interesting with feathers. Decorate the presents with feathers, they will look so cute. We present you 25 lovely feather crafts ideas. Have funโ€ฆ


Source: https://www.openirisphoto.com/?gallery=home


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