25 Architecture Youtube Channels for Architects

With revolutionary innovations in the architectural domain, video presentation has become an integral part. After all, it lets you communicate with audiences more efficiently. For prospective architects, it’s an intriguing way to learn the newer architectural revolutions. And here’s how the 25 Architecture YouTube Channels for Architects improve educational quality through video presentations.

1. First In Architecture

Every architectural video should include elementary architectural specifics. That’s what First In Architecture professionals understands. It avails one video per year ever since Jan 2013. Packed with tips and tweaks, it’s a perfect architectural YouTube channel for scholars. Get resources and learn which tools can help you strive for success.

2. SpaceLineDesign Architects & Interiors

For bespoke advanced architectural designs, prospective professionals can refer to their videos. The channel focuses on offering videos related to custom residential houses, commercial interior design, and community master planning & building design. They also cover intricate areas like 3D modeling, custom floor plans, virtual reality presentations, Revit construction drawings, etc.

3. Freehand Architecture

Architectural videos should enhance a professional’s skills. And to upskill your architectural acumen, visit the official YouTube page of Freehand Architecture. Get to communicate with intricate design ideas visually and become confident with your designs. The channel is punctual about posting 21 videos per year.

4. Architecture Drawings

Drawing is an integral part of this architectural sphere, and with Architecture Drawings, you can see it yourself. With a diverse array of videos, this channel includes everything related to drawing and architecture. Ever since October 2013, the professionals post four videos each year.

5. Autopsy of Architecture

The historical evidence of a particular place or house has a lot to do with architecture. And unless a prospective professional understands its fundamentals, becoming successful is next to impossible. This calls for a visit to Autopsy of Architecture – a personal photography page on YouTube ever since 2010.

6. Dezeen

Getting an insight into the cutting-edge design philosophy is a prerequisite for architects. Thus, Dezeen comes up with state-of-the-art architectural innovations through videos. By far, it’s one of the world’s most innovative and influential design and architecture magazines.

7. Architectural Digest

A definitive design magazine, Architectural Digest, covers the world and reports the best and most promising architectural designs. It has crossed the mark of 5 million concerning its fan followers on YouTube.

8. How To Architect

Sometimes a registered architect can only guide the graduates! And for this channel, Doug Patt is enough to help all prospective architects take the road less taken and shine like a star. Through his work ever since 1993, he has made splendid high-end residential architecture.

9. Sam-E Studio

Newbies in this sector can learn architectural fundamentals, including architectural drawings, model making, 3D art, architecture design software, optically illusion, interior design &exterior design tutorials. And the best place Sam-E Studio on YouTube.

10. 30X40 Design Workshop

30X40 Design Workshop is where you should be when you want to learn about architecture tutorials, designs, and portfolios. The channel also covers sketching &drawing workshops, architecture short courses, architectural essays, reviews, etc. Their videos are regular, which is one video per week.

11. Show It Better

Show It Better is the place where you can take your architectural skills to newer heights. Learn more about Architectural Representation through their videos that get posted once every week

12. ArchDaily

New York is pretty much happening concerning architectural development. For ArchDaily, their primary goal is to improve the quality of living of people shifting to the cities in the following years. Thus, for budding architects, the channel offers inspiration and knowledge through architectural videos (four times each month).

13. Architecture Inspirations

The year 2016 witnessed the advent of this YouTube channel. ‘Architecture inspirations’ is where you can share tutorials, knowledge, tips concerning architectural visualization and rendering.

14. Surviving Architecture

Ever since May 2017, it’s been playing an important part as a guide to surviving your architecture institution. Their videos consist of architectural sketching, tutorials, post-production architectural visualization, and the architectural designing process.

15. Inclined Studio

For architecture, interior, landscape photography, and videography, one can refer to the Inclined Studio. The team takes over everything, from concept to idea development to even realization! It believes in traditions & incorporates the same with their innovations.

16. The Architectural Insider

For innovative architectural designs, you can refer to the videos posted by the team of The Architectural Insider! It’s serious with the time of posting –1 video each week. And ever since 2018, this channel is serving the universe.

17. Photoshop Architect

It’s an interesting channel for a budding architect! Photoshop Architect is where you should be as a student to improve photoshop rendering knowledge and skills. You can get Photoshop library, architecture news, and more.

18. Archimarathon

As a student, the topic of architecture gets more interesting and accessible with Arch Marathon. From architectural interaction to architectural travel, the channel brings out every detail of architecture and design.

19. Archtec

To enhance your architectural acumen, Archtec facilitates understanding the industry through videos. This channel focuses on architectural videos and designs. Every week, they offer a minimum of two videos.

20. I Design Studio

Being a specialist for architects, designing, and engineering, the channel offers a series of videos for budding professionals. To enhance your architectural skills, you can subscribe to this channel and enjoy one video every month.

21. Architectural Digest India

Through the official channel of Architectural Digest India, customers bring themselves beautiful homes. And as an architect, your focus is to see how intricately the designs get built.

22. ARQUI9 Visualisation

For a promising career, every budding architect should check out the upcoming Architectural Visualization through the creations of Arqui9’s Youtube channel. After all, it’s an extension of their work process and how they implement designs.

23. Architechnology

For architectural videos and insights into this field, feel free to subscribe to this channel. You can get a notification of the videos posted here. The channel is punctual about posting one video each month.

24. WienerBerger India

Wienerberger group is the largest producer of clay building bricks in the world. Interested to learn about Green Building Solutions? Subscribe to their channel today!

25. Donotsettle

It’s the last one on the list. This channel is run by two TU Delft graduates who love nothing but architectural vlogging!

Wrap Up

To enhance your architectural acumen, you can try and subscribe to any of the aforementioned channels and enhance your understanding of this industry through videos.


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A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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