24 Eco-Friendly Houses Made With Natural Materials

In the last decade, eco products have become all the rage as people make an effort to be kinder to the environment, as well as their wallets. Some folk however, aren’t happy to stop at solar panels on their roofs, or a hybrid car. Instead they’ve pulled out all the punches in the name of eco living and built some truly innovative houses, which are entirely, or mainly, made out of natural and eco-friendly materials. The possibilities in what you can use to make a house are endless. Wood and stone are obvious examples, but recycled glass bottles and car tires are also great for insulation. Take a look at these examples, all of which are a feat of architectural brilliance.


Stone House

House built solely out of stone and wood.

Eco Ranch

Set in a very fitting wild west-esque backdrop

Stylish Apartments

Modern, stylish eco apartments that also get a lot of sun.

Torres House

Made of marble, wood and… volcanic stone!


The Eliphante; or, to the rest of us, a Hobbit hole.


Eco housing with a hell of a view – what could be better!?

Eco House on the Hill

Located in the beautiful Sun City, Latvia (same as where the above home is situated).

Bamboo Home

Japanese style home, made from bamboo.

Natural home

What it lacks in style, makes up for with being built from 100% natural materials.

Stone Age

Safari guest house that looks like it should be in the Flintstones. Just don’t expect to see any dinosaurs.

Eco farm

An eco farm at the top of a hill.

Beautiful house

Eco housing in a beautiful location.

Swedish house

Completely natural house, Sweden.

House of the Rising Sun

Star of C4’s Grand Designs.

Secret home

This eco home is hidden away in the hillside.


Built in the 70’s and handmade, using soil, car tires, glass bottles and cans.

Hillside home

This modern home can hardly be seen by the public.

Disguised by nature

Believe it or not, this really is a house!

Pembrokeshire house

This straw bale eco home in Pembrokeshire is picture perfect!

Eco fairytale

This little eco home looks like something out of a storybook!

Modern eco home

Small but perfectly formed!

Wooden masterpiece

This eco house has been designed with the modern family in mind.

Contemporary but natural

This stunning house not only looks great but is extremely environmentally friendly.

Environmentally friendly and unique

This impressive, natural home looks like a piece of art.



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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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