23 Ingenious Ideas To Transform Old Glass Bottles Into Extravagant Lamps

If you have some old bottles in the home which are no longer in use, do not throw them – you can see below how to transform them and make unique things for the house and garden. If you enjoy a glass of wine with your friends and family, you probably have a pile of glass bottles and you do not know what to do with them. We can help you to “get rid” of them in the ingenious way.

Glass bottles can be creatively transformed into many interesting things. But for today we present you some inspirational ideas that will help you to make great lamps and chandeliers, using old glass bottles. Lamps are a great choice when you need to improve or refresh the interior design in the living room, bedroom, or in any other room. Lighting fixtures can cost a lot, but the “do it yourself” solutions are always affordable for everyone. In our following photo gallery you can see a pile of creative glass bottle lamps which are easy to make, you just need to find your favorite design. All of the ideas below can be done at home conditions, it depends only on your skills. Browse our inspirational examples and learn how to transform your old glass bottles into beautiful and unique lamps. Have fun and be productive!


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