22 Challenging Ideas For Decorating Shared Kids Room Properly

Children’s bedroom, which is shared by two or more children is a real fun family corner, full with cheerful activities, laughing and playing. Although children’s paradise for the parents is a little headache, because you have to meet two or more requirements of small strong individual characters, which do not always want the same things.

Boys and girls often have different interests, but the design of the room shared by brother and sister is not always a difficulty, if we follow some general rules. The first step is choosing a basic color palette for the walls, carpet and furniture, which also will be appealing to both children. Combinations of monochrome tones as white-gray, and those combinations that include some of the basic colors of the spectrum, are a great choice. When selecting furniture, opt for pieces with clean lines and combine them with complementary color, accessories, lamps and curtains. Decorating with items belonging to the boy or the girl, as framed paintings on the walls, or initials of their names, inserts personalized character to the room.

The different age of children means different interests and needs. Proper selection and arrangement of furniture, is key to creating a functional space. If one of the “roommates” is very small and still dependent on parents, his / her bed should be close to the door. Providing space for a double storage in the same room is a complicated task in arranging the common room. Applying the principle “less is more” through the use of multifunctional furniture is essential for achieving a harmonious space.


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