21 Impressive & Cool Kitchen Island Design Ideas

If you want more work space or space for cooking, the kitchen island is a wonderful stylish addition to your kitchen. If you’re planning a new kitchen, consider the inclusion of the island in the kitchen or as an independent element in addition to the already existing kitchen. Please note that electricity, water and gas to the island should be conducted under the floor.

It also needs to allow at least one meter of free space around the island, to be able to smoothly open the doors of elements or embedded devices. The islands are mostly rectangular, but also are popular those with “L” shape. These islands have different heights for work surfaces and offer two independent zones – for cooking and for eating. We present you one collection to help you to choose the best design of kitchen island that will adorn your kitchen!


Image via Adrienne Bizzarri Photography


Image via Colin Cadle Photography


Image via Paul Craig


Image via Joel Barbitta D-Max Photography


Image via Alison Hammond Photography


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