21 Adorable & Functional Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small kitchens are much more common in modern living areas, than large kitchen. Most of the apartments and town houses in our area just have a small kitchen. For those who enjoy cooking, a small kitchen can really be a problem. The kitchen usually has a crowd appliances, washer and other tools that skilled chefs use often. These appliances usually take up a lot of space, so that the kitchen should be really well designed.

For those who do not want to deviate at the house for the preparation of food, the small functional kitchen is the right choice. It also can be a modern kitchen, which in themselves contain all the necessary elements of integrated fridge, oven and plate for cooking, dishwasher, espresso machine to extractor, scales and space for storage containers. Small kitchens can be made in any style, and any shape.

Do not despair if you live in a house with narrow and small kitchen space. There are many ways to decorate and design your kitchen, so it can really become a space that will be used functionaly.

Here are some great ideas for a small kitchen, that you can try!


Image via Woodruff Brown


Image via Media Carrot Photography


Image via Laura Garner


Image via Rikki Snyder


Image via Steve Ryan – Rix Ryan Photograph


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Author: Ana Duovska


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