20 Truly Inspiring DIY Projects To Reuse Your Old Unused Stuff

No more throwing old stuff! We are gathered in one place a lot of fantastic ideas that will surely delight you, of decorations for the house through an interesting furniture, to useful way of organizing things. Look, get inspired and create something beautiful. Here are some ideas for recycling old things that are, for some people almost free.

Every time when we clean up, many of us get rid of certain things. Sometimes, garbage is just garbage and there is no question for that, but often it occurs that we do not understand that things we want to throw, can be transformed into something else that is useful and interesting. Follow the links below the picture for complete instructions. Most of the photos have very good shots in which the textual description is not need. See our gallery and get ready for new inspiration! Have fun and make treasure from your trash!

Vintage Teacups As Jewelry Holders

Old Drums As Shelves

Light Bulbs As Spice Containers

Modified Old Chair As A Bathroom Shelf

Dish Drain Made Of Wood Hangers

Bottle Cap Garden Flower

Birdhouses From Old Rakes and Shovels

Draped Planter From an Old Towel

Wine Rack Made Of Old Skis

Toilet Paper Rolls Turned Into Pencil Holder

Repurposed Garden Hose For A Chair

Tennis Racket As Jewelry Holder

House Numbers On Galvanized Buckets

Carriage Wheel As A Front Door Wreath

Toilet Paper Roll As A Bracelets Organizer

Washing Machine Drum Into A Backyard Fire Pit

House Number Flower Pots

Old Carriage Wheels Turned Into Beautiful Planter

Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Holder

Recycled Hoses Into Garden Mat


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