20 Super Smart Ideas To Decorate Your Small Bathroom

They say that good things come in small packages. Is it so with small bathrooms? The only limiting factor with decorating small bathrooms is your creativity. If you are unsure how to create a small bathroom, we have collected some fascinating ideas that can help you as an inspiration to use little more from your space. The largest number of interior designers, when it comes to the decorating of a small bathroom, all endeavors to simplify, minimize, not to change anything dramatically, which is very wrong!

The conventional wisdom is that bold ideas should be left for a larger room, which is also wrong. We, and many leading designers, think that a room that is without some dramatic elements – is simply dull, but who wants to stay in a boring room. The simplest way to create daring design in a small bathroom, is setting accent wallpaper. Other creative way is to opt for big mirrors and a bright colors. Pastel color will be also good option, you just need to find that idea that will satisfy your desires. In our photo gallery there is something for everyone. Take a look below, and you will find many creative proposals which you can use to design your small bathroom properly!


Image via Brandon Barre


Image via Becki Peckham


Image via Alexia Fodere


Image via Simon Kennedy


Image via Philip Vile


Image via Noah Darnell


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