20 Super Practical Extra Storage Ideas With Using Under-The-Stairs Drawers

Each house has a house that has at least one staircase, the space under them usually is not maximum used, or serves as a storage area. In this article we will try to give as many ideas as this dark, unused corner of your home can be maximally utilized. The space under the stairs usually remains unused, although it can be a very nice scene. The shelves, extra storage space, desk and even a bicycle storage, are just some of the ideas that you can incorporate in your home and thus save space. Whether your home is traditional or modern, there are many elegant ideas in our gallery that can help you to keep it clean without much effort.

If you opt for creating extra storage space under the stairs, we suggest you to set drawers. That way all your things can be neatly organized, and you will have everything within reach. There are so many creative ideas how to do that, you just need to find that design that will catch your eye. Below we present you one collection of 20 Super Practical Extra Storage Ideas With Using Under-The-Stairs Drawers. All of the following ideas are super practical, and will help you to use creatively the space under the stairs. Now take a look below, and get inspired!


Image via Lucas Oleniuk


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Image via Richard Mandelkorn


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