20 Stylish & Functional Solutions For Decorating Narrow Living Room

The living room is the busiest room at home, the only one in which each piece of furniture is equally important. In fact, we determine the priorities, on our own, depending on the style of life. The first piece of furniture that is usually found in the living room, is the sofa, and it is also the thing in which it pays to invest, due to the fact that you will spend on it a long time. Sofa or armchair more are much more skilful variation from all elements for seating, especially in the small apartments, because they save space and can be easily deployed. Also, well-designed chandelier or a floor lamp are details that are notice first, and they should be the next priority. Other important thing are the colors which are used. In the small living rooms, you should add some bright colors, which will visually enlarge the space, and dark colors should be set in bigger spaces.

You have a narrow living room and are looking for ideas for decorating? You are at the right place. Narrow spaces can be very nice decorated, if you do that with taste.
We searched the internet and found some interesting pictures that can give you inspiration how to decorate your narrow living room properly, and make it stylish and functional!


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