20 Outstanding Minimalist Bathroom Designs That Will Leave You Speechless

Bathroom in minimalism style – the most desirable option for small apartments, in cases where it is impossible to allocate a large space for sanitary conditions. The main features of the style – only the necessary things, but maximum convenience. If you opt do decorate the bathroom in this style, this will allow you to leave the area with free space, as much as possible, to avoid overcrowding, and still have an elegant space for hygiene, which is pleasant and easy to use.

To avoid monotony, when setting up the bathroom in a minimalist style in one color, you need to add one or more other colors, in the form of finishing (floor, ceiling or wall) or by using bright and decorative objects: it can be a living flower, colored towels or any other accessory in contrasting colors.

As in other areas, it is necessary to abide by the general rules of creating a harmonious environment: do not use more than three different colors and shades. In minimalist style bathroom ,can be installed both: bathtub and shower, it all depends on your choice. In this case, if is installed shower, it should not be difficult to reach harmony and elegance. The best option is to set transparent glass and a thin metal frame. Below you can see some beautiful options for decorating bathroom in minimalist style. See our collection and enjoy!


Image via Sarah Wood Photography


Image via Mark Boisclair


Image via Chuck Choi


Image via Marco Joe Fazio


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