20 Museums That Are Fine Architectural Examples

Museums are not anymore the old and dull buildings that we were used to when we were children. Nowadays, the architects give their best in creating fine architectural examples with strange shapes going far from the traditional way of creating a building. Moving towards the future, we have high hopes that most of the buildings in the next two decades will be built like this.






National Museum of Underwater Archaeology in Cartagena, Spain

National Museum of Archaeology and Earth Sciences in Rabat, Morocco

Museum of WWII in Gdańsk Competition proposal by A4 Studio


Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem

Museum in Bozen

Denver Art Museum

The Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk, Poland

Mercedes Benz Museum

Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida

Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany

New Art Museum in New York, USA

Ningbo Historic Museum

Nestlé Chocolate Museum

M.H. de Young Museum

Automobile Museum in Nanjing

The Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

The National Museum of Korean Contemporary History in Seoul

Beautiful Arts Museum proposal in Quebec, Canada

The Design Institute of Civil Engineering & Architecture in Dalian, China

Another Beautiful Arts Museum proposal in Quebec, Canada


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