20 Most Popular Master Bathroom Designs For 2015

At creatively point, this is the most interesting part of the interior design, where you can let your imagination run wild and create an atmosphere that suits you best. Remember that the positioning of the sanitary and furniture, affect the position of doors and windows, and if the bathroom is so small that it can not find room for the radiator, consider floor heating.

Good lighting, with a clear practical function, has an aesthetic, but also the security dimension. Well-lit bathroom, requires a clear plan for lighting, so consider carefully where you will set up a central, and where ambient lighting. It is often forgotten and the importance of good ventilation of the bathroom, especially when it comes to small bathrooms where is used a gas heater, or if there are no windows, it is good to make vent on the door, with a discrete bars. You can also set the fan in combination with light, which need to be placed on the ceiling, below the ventilation channels.

Beside the ventilation, it is important to choose the way of heating (floor or wall, radiators, electric plates, etc …), which will significantly reduce the potential for mold and damp objects in the bathrooms. After all this, it is time to choose the design of our master bathroom. We made one collection of 20 remarakable master bathroom designs, that were most popular in 2015. Take a look and maybe you will find some inspirational ideas!


Image via Jim Bartsch Photography


Image via Gus Cantavero Photography


Image via Susan Gilmore Photography


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