20 Irresistible White Kitchen Designs With Use Of Wood For Elegant Look

Want to get the look “purity with no effort” in your kitchen? Natural materials and simple colors are a good way to start, and you will have the extra benefit, because they are easy to adapt to changing the of the tastes. This article shows the 20 white kitchens with wood, in order to boost your next major re-design. It’s pretty fun to see how designers used these, otherwise ordinary ingredients, to create a wide variety of distinctive and attractive kitchens in different styles.

There are also light and dark palette, ranging from organic to ultra-modern theme, so you can easily find something that you like! Minimalism always works great in the kitchen, if you provide enough space for storage, which definitely should be priority than the good look. The use of a suspended ceiling in a windowless room can sometimes create too dark room, but the use of lightweight materials, with a slight shine, helps to maximize the light from other sources. Full cabinets from floor to ceiling, lined with wood, will provide a beautiful, natural balance in every white kitchen!


Tags: kitchen design, white kitchen, white kitchen with wood, wood in the kitchen

Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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