20 Imposing Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Designs You’ll Fall In Love With

The mid-century modern home decor is one of those directions that will never be out of style. It is the predecessor of the modern and contemporary home designs and it has seen a surge of popularity recently even though it dates back to the middle of the 20th century. But what makes it so approachable? I’d say it is its golden combination of minimalism, coziness and functionality. A good example of that is the mid-century modern bathroom which looks very similar to some of the minimalist designs of the modern and contemporary styles but it has something in the form of a traditional look that gives it a touch of warmth and coziness.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we’ve featured 20 Imposing Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Designs You’ll Fall In Love With. Take a look at the following images of bathroom interiors styled in the mid-century modern way and you are guaranteed to fall in love with them. There’s simply no way not to. But that’s alright because we’re working on creating an entire showcase of this style. In fact, we’ve recently started with our collection of 15 Superb Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Interior Designs That Will Dazzle You. Make sure you give that a glance. Enjoy!

1. West Marin Organic Remodel

2. San Francisco Eichler

3. Clyde Hill Mid-Century Charmer

4. Palo Alto Eichler Remodel

5. Palo Alto Eichler Remodel 2

6. Rockwood Remodel

7. Sennett Residence

8. Madison Park Ranch House

9. Mid-Century Modern Bathroom

10. Minimalistic Sophistication in Pinecrest, FL

11. Skye in Palm Springs, California

12. Mid-century modern inspired master bath

13. Hilltop Modern

14. Modern Kirkland New Build

15. Woods Cove

16. Mid-Century Modern Bathroom

17. Mid-Century Raised Ranch Remodel

18. Mid-Century Remodel

19. Welland Renovation

20. Master Bathroom in Montclair


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