20 Fascinating Child’s Rooms With Identical Beds Designs For Twins

Two children, twins, automatically means and twice as many things. However, this is not the case decorating their room. Of course it is necessary the child’s room to obtain two beds, but the rest of the furniture should not match the rule – “two of everything”, necause that way will only create crowded atmosphere and thus impractical room, where no one will enjoy. For same-sex twins, clothing storage is important, and with one cabinet you can combine one piece of furniture, for example, greater dresser with drawers.

If your twins are a different sex, wardrobe simply can be separated on the both sides, or you can set additional two small closets. Of course that twins should have different identities, however, if they share a room, it is important that these identities stylish to complement. For those of different sex, choose a neutral base and add accents in matched shades, for example. You can opt for cribs in the same color, but different pink and blue bedding, for example, and carpet that will look neutral, perhaps the white-gray stripes. Here we present you most graphically example, but do not be afraid to experiment with colors. For children colorful and serene, is always a winning combination. In any case, if you comply with this rule, will avoid the effect of being in a room pushed two different interiors. If you have twins of the same sex, and you want to decorate their room with two identical beds, see our collection below, and you will find many inspirational examples how to do that!



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