20 Fabulous Eclectic Porch Designs You Might Like

Back in the days, the living room was a vacant spot during the summer because everything happened on the porch. Air conditioning wasn’t available as we are now used to but people didn’t even need it. Why would you spend your days confined within 4 walls when you can do everything you’ll do in your living room, plus the added bonus of feeling the smooth summer breeze on your skin, on your porch. But nowadays people seem to have completely forgotten about the beauty of the porch and we want to show you just how beautiful of an addition an eclectic porch can be to your home.

Welcome to a new collection of inspirational ideas in which we are going to present you with 20 Fabulous Eclectic Porch Designs You Might Like. Take a look at this compilation of ideas and you might just find yourself browsing for porch construction offers. No really, a porch can be an extra room that can let you get a breath of fresh air while enjoying the same level of comfort as your living room. It’s the perfect choice for the warmer days and when it gets cold outside, you can simply put a screen on it and get to enjoy watching the snow while you’re sitting warm next to the fireplace on your porch deck. Enjoy!

1. Maison Rampart – 1830s Creole Cottage

2. Dramatic Patterns and Color in a Nashville Home

3. Midwest Screened Porch Addition with Eclectic Vintage Cottage Style

4. 2078 Olde Towne Avenue

5. Eclectic Porch

6. Alford Residence

7. Riverdale Renovation

8. Eclectic Porch

9. Mill Creek Residence

10. Felicity Park

11. Eclectic Porch in Venice, LA

12. Emerald City

13. Modern Cottage

14. Bohemian Mountain Cottage

15. Modern Boathouse

16. West Hills

17. Eclectic Porch

18. Screened Porch

19. Harvard Street

20. California Ranch Home


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