20 Extravagant DIY Lamp Designs With Industrial Charm

The lighting is a practical problem in most homes, but is also much more than that. The right choice of lamp or lantern can transform a room, it can be used for lighting or to be a work of art in the space. Each of these creative lighting options that we have collected on this list is just that, a work of art. These are “do it yourself” projects of great masters, but there are millions of things that you can do with light. On the list you will see some simple creations, and some very difficult, demanding and astonishing.

Interesting, practical and decorative- industrial lamps, can be a real refreshment in the interior. Pinned in the right place, will not only allow the light to always shine at right angles, but will become an interesting detail that gives character to the interior. Whether you decide to purchase your vintage piece or you will design it yourself, it will be perfect decor for your home. We encourage you to take action and change your dull lamps. See our creative collection and you will find many useful examples that surely will attract your attention!


Tags: diy, diy lamp design, industrial lamp, industrial style

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