20 Elegant Contemporary Staircase Designs That Are Just Out Of This World

A staircase is primarily a functional element in any home that spans across multiple levels, but is that all that the staircase represents? Things are never just one thing when it comes to the contemporary home design style so naturally, the contemporary staircase is more than just a way of getting from one floor to another. Most contemporary dwellings feature an interior design with an open-flowing layout, meaning that the staircase will be visible most of the time.

The fact that the staircase will be visible from most of the interior spaces alone solidifies the staircase’s place as a part of the home’s dΓ©cor and if done properly, it can even become a sort of a focal point. That is why it is so important to choose a contemporary staircase design that will not only compliment the design of the hallways in your home but also the rest of the main spaces such as the living room. Enjoy!

1. Contemporary Staircase

2. Transitional Home Renovation in Rockville, Maryland

3. Far Pond

4. Agarwal’s House

5. AF House

6. CLL House, Santa Ponsa, Mallorca

7. Contemporary Residence


9. Contemporary Staircase


11. Essendon – Deco House

12. Contemporary Spiral Staircase

13. Deluxe Sittingborne Residence

14. Bay Village Residence

15. Now and Zen – Staircase

16. Sausalito Remodel

17. Minnippi Parklands House

18. House K

19. R Residence

20. La Casa Rosa


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