20 Classic Traditional Hall Designs You Can’t Go Wrong With

The rooms in your home are all connected by some sort of a hallway, but it is rare that we hear anyone talk about their new hall design or what they’re planning to do with their hall as part of their new remodeling project. Well, guess what, the traditional hall is more than just a crossroads in your home. First of all, it has a lot of surface area in the form of walls which can be used quite creatively. You can display artwork, family photos or even use them as storage. The hallways in your home can become part of the decor instead of being just utility areas.

In this new compilation of interior designs, we want to show you these 20 Classic Traditional Hall Designs You Can’t Go Wrong With. Take a look at the designs that we’ve featured in this new collection and you will find yourself surrounded with fresh and creative ideas that can take your home’s hall areas to the next level. This is a great way to build a wonderful space that you will use daily anyway and can be complimented with a beautiful staircase design. Enjoy!

1. Modern and Unique Wellesley Home

2. Traditional Hallway Look

3. Historical Home for a Modern Family

4. Traditional Estate

5. Colonial Revival Restoration

6. Braeburn

7. Historic mansion block apartment

8. Easterly Residence

9. Traditional Hall Design

10. 17th century Townhouse

11. Locke Residence

12. Country Home

13. East Hampton Residence

14. On The River Inn

15. Rathfarnham family home – rear extension and refurbishment

16. Neoclassical House

17. Traditional Hall

18. Sussex Vibrant Family Home

19. House in Notting Hill

20. Barrington Hall Remodel


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